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Family And Friends Rally ‘Round Reba

By Staff | Jan 18, 2018
ARE?YOU?READY?FOR?THIS??-- Emmetsburg High School Principal Mike Embrock got into the spirit of the evening and allowed Reba to shave his head. Williams looked very excited as she prepared to apply the clippers! -- Dan Voigt photo
HOW?MUCH?DID?YOU?CUT? - Reba Williams looks over her work on classmate Cassi O’Rourke after giving her friend a little trim. Several of Reba’s friends and classmates had hair trimmed and cut to support their friend in her cancer battle. -- Dan Voigt photo
SHAVING?FOR?REBA - Family and friends of Reba Williams gathered at her home last Friday evening to hold a “Shaving Party” to supprt the Emmetsburg High School Freshman, who is battling Hodgkins’ Lymphoma. Several people shaved their heads to show solidarity with Williams, including her mother and maternal grandmother, while others had hair cut as a symbolic demonstration of support for their friend and classmate. The family also received a visit from the Shayla Bee Foundation of Spencer the same evening, as they were the 139th and 140th visits made by Shayla Bee to families of youth battling illness or the loss of a child. Reba’s brother Hunter lost his life Dec. 16 of last year following an automobile accident. Reba is pictured seated in the center of the assembled group. -- Dan Voigt photo

A diagnosis of cancer is frightening for anyone, especially young people. But when the young person has just experienced an emotional tragedy, the fear can be overwhelming.

For 14-year old Reba Williams of Graettinger, a diagnosis of Hodgkins’ Lymphoma in mid-December was shattered by the tragic loss of her 17-year old brother Hunter just days later following an auto accident.

Reba and her parents, Jon and Lana Williams, had to grieve for their son and support their daughter as she began treatment all at the same time, but with the love and support of family, friends, classmates and two communities, life is continuing.

Reba has been undergoing chemotherapy at Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, since the end of December. Her freshman classmates at Emmetsburg High School have ralied around her, calling themselves “Reba’s Rebels” with t-shirts, and on Friday, Jan. 12, a large contingent of classmates, friends and family gathered at the Williams home to shave their heads and get hair cuts to support their friend.

A visit from the Shayla Bee Foundation capped off the evening with the promise of love and support from the organization, as well as the Williams’ family and friends.