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Supervisor’s Accept Initial Bargaining Proposals For Secondary Roads and the Sheriff’s Department

By Staff | Jan 16, 2018

Representatives for Secondary Roads employees, the Sheriff’s Department employees and the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors were on hand for initial bargaining that will begin on July 1, when all parties agree, on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

Jill Davis, Attorney from the Law Firm of Montgomery, Barry, Bovee, Steffen and Davis, LLP of Spencer, representative for the employees of the Palo Alto Sheriff’s Department, presented the initial bargaining proposal.

“I have a proposal in writing for you guys,” Davis began. “I will go through it quickly and then give you a copy. Then you can go through it and discuss it whenever you like. With regard to wages and insurance, the Association (Sheriff Employee Association) is asking for whatever the Board is giving to the rest of the County.”

Davis went on to outline a few non-economical items the Association is also asking for, including the following: increasing funeral leave from four to five days for the death of an immediate family member, increase sick leave from up to three days to up to 10 days, to allow for one personal day throughout the year and to allow any employee of the sheriff’s department time and a half for hours worked if the rest of the County Offices close early due to weather.

Renee Von Bokern, Business Representative for the Supervisors from Von Bokern Associates of Urbandale responded with a date of January 23 or before for a counter proposal from the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors. No action was taken at this time.

Business Representative Mark Hubbard from Fort Dodge, introduced the initial proposal for Secondary Roads which covered a wage increase of five percent each year for the next three years beginning July 2018.

Von Bokern presented a counterproposal by introducing last years agreement. With some changes in language, the biggest changes were specific items that were removed due to a change in the law. The following items are prohibited topics of bargaining: job selection, transfer, promotion and evaluation, reduction in force and recall, dues checkoff and indemnification and insurance.

Palo Alto County Treasurer Robin Jamison presented the Board with the Semi-Annual Treasurers Report, which also received unanimous approval.

In final business, bid-letting dates were set on Drainage District 23 for Jan. 30 at 8:05 a.m. and on Drainage District 47 for Jan. 30 at 9:00 a.m. and in a telephone conference call with Pocahontas County on Joint Drainage District 13, two commissioner were unanimously approved, Darrel Reed and Mike Behrendsen, to complete a reclassification