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Palo Alto County Health System Welcomes New CEO

By Staff | Jan 16, 2018


Palo Alto County Hospital hired Brett Antczak for the position of Chief Executive Officer on January 2, 2018. Antczak joins the hospital team from Washington, IA. Antczak has three children: Alexandra who is studying nursing in Iowa City, Andrew who is a senior at Emmetsburg High School, and Brett who is a freshman at Emmetsburg High School. Christie, Brett’s wife, will be joining the family in Emmetsburg shortly. Meanwhile, Christie works in Adult Education and Social Work with the Washington County Attorney’s Office.

Antczak originally planned to go to medical school in Iowa City, but after reviewing finances with his wife, he decided to pursue an education in health care administration. His background in clinical knowledge has helped him develop great relationships with his practitioners. Antczak began his career as a Clinic Administrator in Grinnell. From there his career has taken him to Colorado and Texas. He moved back to Iowa because him and his wife agreed that the Midwest is the best place to raise a family. He chose Emmetsburg because he has a plethora of experience in critical access hospitals and felt that he would work well with Palo Alto County Hospital. He saw great teamwork within the different departments, from the board, and from the hospital as a whole. He also loved that Emmetsburg is located on Five Island Lake. The Antczaks own a boat and are looking forward to water skiing when the weather warms up. He was also excited about how welcoming the Emmetsburg School District was to his sons.

Antczak believes that the hospital and the community should be partners in health care. He is looking to support and involve the community to live better, healthier lives.

“I’m really coming in at a prime point,” Antczak stated. “I get to come in and kind of rally the troops and be the cheerleader and help not only our hospital heal after we’ve had to make some tough decisions, but to help the community kind of heal.”

Antczak said that he is working with his team to rebrand the hospital. They are working on new slogans and even have a jingle coming out.

In Washington, he was on the board of directors with the Chamber of Commerce. He also worked with the Economic Development group. Both Christie and Brett are looking to jump in and serve the community of Emmetsburg.

Brett’s business philosophy is to help make his teams, providers, board, and patients better. “If they’re not better because I’m here, then I’m not really doing my job,” Antczak commented. “I’m here to lift and inspire others so they can aspire to the greatness that’s in them.”