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First and Pro Cooperative Boards of Directors Approve Unification Agreement

By Staff | Dec 28, 2017

(Dec. 21, 2017) CHEROKEE and POCAHONTAS – The Boards of Directors for First Cooperative Association and Pro Cooperative have voted to sign a Unification Agreement that would unify the two cooperatives, subject to a vote of the membership of Pro Cooperative.

“We definitely see the value for our members in moving forward with the unification proposal,” said Andy Hock, Pro Cooperative Board President. “By unifying, we would have a stronger base and market presence for serving members, ensuring local control and keeping member equity secure.”

“I’ve talked to many members who support the long-term advantages we would gain by combining forces,” added Charles Specketer, First Cooperative Association Board President. “We also would be more competitive, which will only be more important as competitors continue to grow in the area.”

Pro Cooperative member information meetings will be held beginning Jan. 3. Voting will begin in early Jan. with the vote outcome to be announced on Feb 15. Details regarding member information meetings, voting and the unification opportunity will be provided to members.

About First Cooperative Association

FCA is a member-owned cooperative based in Cherokee, Iowa, with 25 locations throughout northwest Iowa. FCA serves 2,900 customers with a wide range of products and services in agronomy, energy, grain and feed.

About Pro Cooperative

Based in Pocahontas, Iowa, Pro Cooperative is a member-owned cooperative with 20 locations that serve more than 1,900 farm operations in northwestern Iowa. The cooperative focuses on providing whole-farm solutions to customers in grain, agronomy, feed and energy.