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Acquisitions Closer To Complete On N26

By Staff | Dec 27, 2017

The Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors were presented with additional partial acquisition contracts for right-of-way- along the N26 corridor north of Ruthven on Tuesday, Dec.19.

During a telephone conference call, Palo Alto County Engineer Walter Davis-Oeth presented the following contracts for approval: Contract 2 FKF Farms, LLC; Contract 3 Norris Family Farms and Contract 39 Wayne and Shirley Testamentary Trust, Wayne Knutson, Jr. and Mark E. Knutson, Trustees. All three contracts received unanimous approval.

“Do you have many contracts yet to get?” Supervisor Craig Merrill questioned.

“There is about 10 left,” Davis-Oeth responded.

Rick Hopper, Drainage Engineer from Jacobson-Westergard of Estherville discussed the annexation of 144.70 acres into Drainage District 23.

“We have a software program that will help determine how many acres are in the watershed and if there are some that should be included but are not,” Hopper began. “We take all of the know factors relating to drainage such as tile, open ditches, culverts, and plug those numbers into the program. This is how we arrived at the 144.70 acres of land needing to be annexed.”

According to Hopper, after going out with landowner Phillip Geelan, a culvert was discovered that had not been included in the original figures. Once the culvert was added to the program, the number of acres was reduced to 1.2. The landowner would be paying approximately $300 once these acres are annexed into DD 23. Unanimous approval was given to annex 1.2 acres.

Hopper also submitted a new report for Drainage District 57 including the outlet which in on Lateral 1 of Drainage District 48. This area includes 1,280 benefited acres in DD 48 Lat. 1 and 320 benefitted acres in DD 57.

The Supervisors unanimously accepted the engineer’s report and set a hearing date for Feb. 6 at 9 a.m.

Mary Green was on hand to update the Board on the private tile as it pertains to Drainage District 23.

In final business, Kent Malm, Palo Alto County Weed Commissioner presented the 2017 Weed Commissioner’s Report. The report was unanimously approved.