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4-H Membership Cost Decreased

By Staff | Dec 27, 2017

WEST?BEND – MaxYield Cooperative, headquartered in West Bend, has once again stepped up to help support youth and agriculture in Palo Alto County. MaxYield officials announced recently that they are continuing their commitment to Palo Alto County 4-H members and clubs by decreasing the cost of enrollment in the youth program.

“We are continuing our support of local 4-H clubs and our commitment to 4-H,” said Chad Meyer, MaxYield client relations and communications director. “Recently, we presented a contribution for $10.00 per 4-H member in Palo Alto County to decrease the cost of 4-H membership.”

Meyer said the cooperative has two goals in providing the program. “First, we want to make 4-H an affordable youth program for local families. Secondly, by paying a portion of each 4-H member’s enrollment fee, we are able to continue our mission in supporting 4-H so that each member benefits.”

The cooperative contributed nearly $1,200 to Palo Alto County Extension to assist in membership costs for 4-H’ers for the upcoming year.

“We believe that 4-H is one of the cornerstones in developing youth and 4-H provides an excellent foundation to build strong families in this area. 4-H also provides a great way for young people to learn more about agriculture and its exciting future,” commented Meyer.