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City Council Considers Nuisance Appeal

By Staff | Nov 21, 2017

The Emmetsburg City Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Nov. 13. Councilman Mike Hermansen was absent. At the previous meeting the Council had discussed and voted to continue with actions to remedy and clean up the Doris Schubert nuisance home in Emmetsburg. Doris Schubert was present at the meeting on Nov. 13 to appeal to the Council.

“I have a list that you sent me and the first list I got was a verbal list from Mr. Young [Clint Young, city building inspector] in March. So much has been added to this, and I want to know why?” Doris Schubert began.

“When I went by in March, I kind of highlighted what I thought were major things to be done at the time. That definitely was not an all inclusive list of things,” Clint Young responded. “I mean you got the trailer out of there; that was a wonderful addition. I saw you had a gentleman working today out there to get some stuff moved. And all the tires are gone. I mean there are a lot of things that have been done. A lot of things that have been done but still some things to be addressed, I feel. So I went out there and I made a list of other things that I thought still needed to be addressed. Sometimes I couldn’t see some of the things that had to be done until you move some other items.”

“Yeah you can really see them now that there’s no trees and stuff there,” Schubert responded.

“But you did move the tires, and the big trailer is gone and a lot of the stuff has been cleaned up. A lot of the trees. I just thought that there were some other things that we need to addressed here, and I appreciate the fact that you’re working hard on it. You’ve got a lot of it done all ready,” Young stated.

“Okay, what’s this shrubs and weeds in the fence line?” Schubert asked.

“Right along the street, there’s still a lot of brush and stuff that’s growing in the fence line you’ve got there,” Young answered.

“That’s weeds. And that’s ditch,” Schubert clarified.

“That’s still your property, correct?” Young questioned.

“No, because they told me that my property goes to the fence line,” Schubert replied. “When we went to put that ditch in, they made me take my trees out, but they wouldn’t remove the city’s trees because those are the city’s [] but mine’s not the only property along that street that there’s weeds. So we going to have everybody go get their weeds out of their property fence line, too?”

“If anybody files a complaint,” Young said.

“The trailer house is gone completely. Like I told you about the bus, it’s going to be very hard to move that bus- there’s buildings on all sides of it and trees,” Schubert stated. “And we took stuff from the trailer house and put it there because I needed some place to put it. I have a guy that’s helping me clean up; he said he’d come in and do all of the scrap iron.”

“There’s a truck box that they turned into a trailer,” Young mentioned.

“It’s got stuff in it,” Schubert said.

“And that’s something that you use?” Young asked.

“Yes,” Schubert replied. “You have old barrels”

“Those are gone,” Young confirmed. “You must have taken those.”

“We did,” Schubert responded. “You’ve got an old trailer. What’s old trailer?”

“That would be that truck box that you turned into a trailer,” Young answered.

“This is my greatest beef here,” Schubert stated. “You said ‘remove old livestock.’ From the day we moved in, which is 44 years ago, we’ve had livestock there. I’m not getting rid of my livestock.”

“I don’t think I said to remove it,” Young clarified.

“It says ‘remove livestock,'” Schubert read off her list.

“What I turned in was livestock with a question mark because I didn’t know if it was legal in the city limits or not,” Young expressed.

“I’m grandfathered in,” Schubert shared. “And everybody along that road has livestock. You can start on 25th street and go clear down and up over the railroad track. If you’re going to make me get rid of my livestock that and everybody else in town.”

“I’m not honestly sure how to address that because I just put livestock question mark,” Young answered.

“This has remove livestock,” Schubert said. “There’s people all along that road starting at 25th street [] So I guess I’m asking for an extension- to get the rest of this cleaned up ’til the middle of next summer because it’s getting cold, and the guy that’s doing it he works 2 or 3 other jobs. He said he’d be here as much as he can and he’ll start scrapping. He’s already started piling stuff up today so he can scrap.”

With little discussion, the City Council voted unanimously to allow Doris Schubert an extension until the first City Council meeting in May. This extension will allow Schubert time in the spring to continue work while the weather is nice.