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Election Results Are Official

By Staff | Nov 16, 2017

Results from city elections that were held Tuesday, Nov. 7, were canvassed during the regular meeting of the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, Nov. 14.

From Ayrshire, Tyle Olson won the Mayor spot with six votes and Jared Weller received three votes. The following were write-in candidates and votes each received: Dennis Franker, one; Lonnie Kathman, two; Richard Farlow, one; Lynn Morris-Turner, two; Jennifer Buettner, one and Angie Moore, one.

Council members for the next four years are Janelle Bendixen, 10 votes and Nick Heiman, 16 votes. Write-in candidates and the votes each received: Dawn Buettner, one; Leo Brownfield, two; Jeff Terveer, one; Michael Williams, two; Tyler Turner, two and Jennifer Buettner, one.

John Keller won the Mayor race in Curlew with three votes with Rich Weig, David Herring, David Herring, Robby Johnson, Tanya Wirtz, Brad Ruppert and Cathy Stanek one vote each.

All five city council seats were up for re-election with Tanya Wirtz, seven votes; Cathy Stanek, four votes; Brent Cooke, four votes and Wyatt Wirtz, four votes. John Keller received four votes for city council and elected to take the mayor position. This left a tie between Rick Watts and Robby Johnson, who each received three votes. Tie votes are determined during the official canvas by drawing lots and the winner of the drawing was Robby Johnson who will take the fifth council seat.

Others receiving votes for city council were Terry Weig, two votes; Becky Travis, two votes; Wyman Travis, one vote; April Johnson, one vote; Rich Weig, one vote; Pat Allen, one vote; Pat Lauderback, one vote; Brad Ruppert, two votes; Courtney Ruppert, one vote; Tiffany Keller, one vote and Stacey (Barney) Lomax, one vote.

Arnold C. Heng received 20 votes for mayor of Cylinder with Art Mueller receiving two votes. Five people ran for the five council seats in Cylinder: Cary Anderson, 22 votes; Kurt Bonnstetter, 22 votes; Harry Bormann, 23 votes; Adam Kerr, 20 votes and Deb Weisbrod, 21 votes.

For the City of Emmetsburg Ward 1 Mike Hermansen received 32 votes and Council At-Large was Brian Campbell with 31votes. In Ward 2, Council At-Large was Brian Campbell with 36 votes with Pete Hamilton receiving one vote. For Ward 3, Brian Campbell received 23 votes for Council At-Large and Brian Malm received 28 votes for Ward 3 with Andrew Wellik receiving one vote and in Ward 4 Member At-Large Brian Campbell received 25 votes with Sid Zylstra receiving one vote.

Monty Schany was voted in as Mayor of Graettinger with 52 votes. Kevin Hanson received three votes, Lisa Fernholz received one vote, Merle T. Hanson received one vote and Mike Flaherty received one vote. Three Council seats were filled with Michael Flaherty, 53 votes; Barbara J. Hoffman, 49 votes; Bruce Masters, 49 votes; Ruth Petrich, one vote; David Torreson, one vote and Dan Torreson, one vote.

From Mallard, Jim Gehrt received 65 votes for mayor with Todd Travis receiving 10 votes, Russell Jergens received one vote and Virgil Auten Jr. received one vote. Three city council seats will be filled by – Jerome Schuller with 61 votes, Amy Thompson with 40 votes, Andy Wiita with 48 votes. Others receiving votes for city council were Karl R. Johnson, 33 votes; Troy Auten, 39 votes; Heath Hoch, one vote; Dawn Woodford; one vote and John Woodford, one vote.

Jean Hyslop received 19 votes for Mayor of Rodman with Sean Leners, Nichole Dueker and Georgia Elbert each receiving one vote. Five city council seats were up for grabs with Mark Besch receiving 17 votes, Danny Hutchison receiving 15 votes, Sean Leners receiving 14 votes, Rose Merideth receiving 22 votes and Georgia Elbert receiving 15 votes. Others receiving votes were: Lynn Anthony, seven votes; Ronald Thilges, nine votes; Andy Williams, three votes; Katrina Williams, one vote; Austin Leners, one vote; Nichole Dueker, one vote; Jack Houch, two votes and Teresa Bleuer, one vote.

David J. Kirk won the race for mayor in Ruthven receiving 91 votes while Doug Weir received 30 votes and Ray Christian received one vote. Mitch Anderson received 81 votes and Jay Schoning received 87 votes in the race to fill two city council seats. The following people also received voted: Adam Kreutner with 40, and Doug Weir with two. There was also a vacant seat on the city council, which was won by Marcella Simington with 104 votes. Terrence J. Williams received 69 votes, Adam Kreutner received two votes, John Clouse received one vote and Kody Miller received three votes.

In final city elections within the county, Marilyn Schutz received 76 votes for West Bend with Terry Strueker, Bill Bleuer, Blake Banwart, Karen Sewell and Chris Newton each receiving one vote. Grant Gearhart, 84 votes and Chris Newton, 68 votes won the two spots open for city council with Mary Newton receiving one vote.

Also on the ballot in West Bend was Public Measure C which received 56 yes votes and 30 no votes.