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Hearing Comments Endorse Current Sharing Arrangement

By Staff | Nov 9, 2017

A request by a board member to study administrative sharing drew 42 community members, faculty and staff members to the Emmetsburg High School Tuesday for a Public Hearing. Emmetsburg School Board Member Pete Hamilton had originally broached the subject of studying sharing earlier this past summer.

In Tuesday’s Public Hearing, the school board listened intently as seven speakers made statements and comments with one common theme – the district’s current sharing of Superintendent Amanda Schmidt with West Bend-Mallard is positive and should be continued.

“We currently have a sharing agreement in effect through 2019 with West Bend-Mallard for the services of Mrs. Schmidt, and it is our intent to honor that agreement,”?Board President Jane Hoyman stated at the outset of the meeting.

Superintendent Schmidt gave a bit of financial background, noting that in the four years of sharing her position, Emmetsburg and West Bend-Mallard both had received $212,472 in additional state aid for sharing, and through sharing, Emmetsburg had saved $340,000 over four years in FICA, salary and insurance for a Superintendent, for a total savings of $552,472 over four years to the Emmetsburg district.

Former Board Member Kim Campbell supported continuation of sharing, noting, “It’s worked great so far, and I urge you to continue with it.”

Renee Iverson, representing the West Elementary Building Leadership Team (BLT), echoed the comments, adding, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Mrs. Schmidt is a highly passionate person willing to work with our district, staff and students.”

Kori Huberty noted that in her 22 year career with the Department of Human Services, communication had been difficult in previous years, but is vastly improved. “We’ve got a grat person in Mrs. Schmidt and we need to keep her and support her.”

Kelly Josephson, representing the High School BLT, called Schmidt “an innovative thinker. To go back to a full time administrator would be a step backwards in our opinion.”

Sarah Bruggman, Middle School BLT representative, called Schmidt, “A visionary who allows us to become more innovative in teaching. We have a fabulous person in this position.”

Nancy Cozine and Renee Jedlicka also offered comments in support of Schmidt and a continuation of the sharing arrangement.

Hoyman closed the session noting the Board will review information at its Nov. 13 meeting at 5:30 p.m..