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Committee To Study Sharing Concepts

By Staff | Oct 24, 2017

A group of three board members will analyze factors related to sharing of administrators following action by the Emmetsburg Community School Board of Directors last Wednesday evening.

Board President Jane Hoyman initiated discussion on the current sharing of Superintendent Amanda Schmidt between Emmetsburg and West Bend-Mallard, which was first raised earlier this summer by Board Member Pete Hamilton.

“Pete and I were in a Building Leadership Team meeting earlier this afternoon and the topic was brought up,”?Hoyman explained to the board. “The staff had taken a survey of their own after our meeting last month, and they were unanimous in their comments that they were pleased with the current sharing arrangement with West Bend-Mallard.”

Hoyman continued, “since this was brought up earlier in the summer, I feel we should look at it to be fair, but this is just an analysis – we are still honoring the contract we have with Amanda.”

“I guess I’m confused,”?Board member Kathy Roethler said. “If everybody is pleased with Amanda and the job she’s doing, why are we even considering a change?”

“We’re not changing anything, just doing a bit of a study,”?Hamilton answered. “When the past Superintendent resigned, there was never a discussion on sharing a superintendent. The Board at that time voted to hire a full-time superintendent, but weren’t able to do so, so that’s how we ended up with a shared position.”

Hamilton continued, “this is just to look to the future, to find information other boards can use down the road. We’re not changing anything, but we just should have a review to find information on sharing from other schools that will be helpful.”

“The problem is if we’re not careful, we’ll lose Amanda,”?Roethler replied. “This has gone on way too long. I think its best we need to move on and finish as quickly as possible. To search for a new superintendent is painful, I?was on that board. To me, if its working, why do we care what other schools are doing??Why fix what’s not broken?”

“We told the staff that the information would be available in December or before,”?Hoyman noted.

“The last search was painful and we were very disappointed when both our candidates turned us down,”?Roethler reminded the board.

“Well, do we think a committee needs to be appointed?” Hoyman asked. “I would really like to see us build that relationship with West Bend-Mallard to look at possible sharing of equipment and such Both districts have so much to offer each other. Communications can always be enhanced.”

“I see the Superintendent as the CEO, the overseer. The talk of a lack of leadership, I think that leadership needs to come from the building principals, the people who are in the buildings with the students,”?Roethler said.

After a few more moments of discussion, Hoyman asked Roethler and Hamilton to serve on the study committee with her. Both agreed and the board approved the creation of the committee, and reporting back to the board as a whole in December.

In other action, the board approved the resignation of Missy Birkey as Seventh Grade Girls Basketball Coach, and approved Mark Saxton as a volunteer wrestling coach, and the issuance of contract to Dan Hewitt as Prom Sponsor and Jennifer Geelan as an Elementary Special Education Paraprofessional. The personnel items received unanimous approval.