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Election Results Confirmed

By Staff | Sep 21, 2017

The Palo Alto County Supervisors held a special meeting on Friday, September 15, to canvas the election that was held on Tuesday, September 12.

“We did received five ballots that were postmarked on Monday [September 11] and those five ballots were added into the totals,” Palo Alto County Auditor Carmen Moser stated.

The bond issue for Graettinger/Terril failed to get the 60% of votes needed to pass; the votes were 462 yes to 344 no. The 462 yes votes came in just shy of the 60% needed at 57.32%.

The West Bend/Mallard bond issue needed 50% of the votes to pass. With 74 yes votes, the bond issue easily passed the 50% needed coming in at 76%.

Ruthven/Ayrshire had three available seats for the school board. Those seats will be filled by Darin J. Malm 80 votes, Bruce D. Long 78 votes and Susan Sikora 64 votes. Graettinger/Terril also had three available school board seats to fill. The following people will be filling those seats: Mathew Hanson 581 votes, Tonya Feldhacker 425 votes and Kyle M. Norris 306 votes.

The three school board seats up for grabs at West Bend/Mallard will go to Christopher Montag 95 votes, Mike Thatcher 92 votes and Dave Bruellman 84 votes.

Emmetsburg also had three empty school board seats. They will be filled by Jane Hoyman 389 votes, Kathy Roether 330 votes and Aaron Dietrich 275 votes.

The five additional absentee ballots that were added on Thursday did not change the outcome of the election.