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Hearing on Ditch Repairs Discussed

By Staff | Aug 29, 2017

Jon Rosengren, Drainage Engineer from Bolton and Menke of Spencer, met with the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors during their regular meeting on Tuesday, August 22 to hold a completion hearing of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) repairs on Drainage District 61 Main Open Ditch.

“This is the completion hearing for FEMA repairs on DD 61 Main Open Ditch and the repair of the upper main open ditch,” Rosengren began. “This was a full repair and a full cleanout of silt.”

“The cleanout was not part of the FEMA thing but we did the FEMA repair at the same time, correct?” Supervisor Craig Merrill inquired.

“Correct. It really was two separate projects,” Rosengren answered.

“This hearing is just for the FEMA repairs right?” Supervisor Chairman Keith Wirtz asked.

“It’s actually for both,” Rosengren said.

According to Rosengren, the estimated cost of repairs was $142,847.25 with the final repair cost being $111,124.05, which was approximately 78 percent of the bid price.

The report also stated that the completion date for the work was April 28 and liquidated damages was specified at $200 per day. The work was not completed on time, so liquidated damages would total $3,400. The engineer recommended that the liquidated damages be waived.

Rosengren went on to say that the conditions within this district at the time of the year the work was being done created an issue with too much water and the report recommended that the Supervisors waive the liquidated damages. The Board unanimously decided to only charge half, which comes to $1,700 in liquidated damages.

The area of repair consisted of several buffer acres of CRP ground. Rosengren will provide a letter stating that landowners who feel they have damages above what the report states will have until December 31 to provide documentation for losses to the Board for payment. At this time the Board unanimously accepted the completion report filed by Rosengren.

The damage to DD 61 Main Open Ditch occurred during 2014 and is just on of several drainage districts that were reported as damaged by flooding. At the present time, the Supervisors are still awaiting their final appeal to FEMA for assistance with repairs for the damages sustained in the flooding of 2014.

In other business, Palo Alto County Engineer Walter Davis-Oeth attended the meeting to discuss bid letting for a bridge overlay east of Ayrshire. One bid was received from Cramer Association for $89,642.50. No action was taken at this time.

In final business, Maureen Elbert , Executive Director of the Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporation (PACEDC), presented a resolution to the Supervisors requesting their fiscal sponsorship for Non-501 (c) (3) Tax Exempt Status for economic development. Unanimous approval was given.