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Premium Auction Closes Out Palo Alto County Fair

By Staff | Jul 25, 2017

ON?THE?AUCTION?BLOCK - Palo Alto County Fair Queen Anna Sorenson brings her steer through the All Premium Auction Sunday afternoon at the 2017 Palo Alto County Fair. The fair concluded its’ four-day run on Sunday afternoon as exhibitors and fair staff begin planning for the 2018 event. -- Dan Voigt photo

The All-Premium Auction of the 2017 Palo Alto County Fair raised $27, 150 for the 52 premiums that went under the auctioneers’ gavels on Sunday afternoon. The average premium paid to the exhibitors in the auction would total $522.12 this year. Those figures compare positively to the 2016 acution totals of 20,525 for the 50 premiums sold for an average of $410. This year’s auction raised $6,625 more than the 2016 auction, with the average premium $111.62 more than the 2016 average.

To get the bids, it took some hard work in the show arena for the auctioneering corps of Dan Vonnahme, Tom Eberle, Pat Vonnahme and Brent Mehan worked the crowd for the premium bids, while clerks Melissa Butz of Wells Fargo Bank of Emmetsburg along with Autumn Brown and recorded those bids with tabulations by Clyde Johnson.

Prior to the start of the All Premium Auction, some special recognition was given to donors presenting an additional premium payment to each exhibitor. Continuing a trend they started in 2010, Eric and Mary Woodford, owners of Woodford Equipment of Emmetsburg donated an additional $5 to be added to the premium of each auction participant. A total of 48 buyers participated in the all-premium auction. Under the system, the livestock entries, with the exception of dairy animals, are transported to terminal markets where they are sold at current market price, which is paid to the exhibitors. The bid at the all-premium auction is their “reward” for the work and efforts put into their respective project.

Market Lamb Sale

For the Market Lambs, the three exhibitors earned $1,075 on Sunday, $1,400 less than the 2016 auction total of $2,475 in the auction. On the average, the exhibitors received an average premium of $358.33, which was $4.67 higher than the 2016 average price of $353.57.

Megan Brown’s Supreme Grand Champion market lamb would receive a premium of $425 from Jay and Julie Bargman, while Sarah Brown’s Supreme Reserve Champion Market Lamb received a premium of $300 from the Larry and Renita Brown.

Premiums for the market lambs ranged from $300 to a top premium of $425 for the exhibitors.

Market Goat Sale

For the Market Goats, the ten premium exhibitors received $$3,675 in the auction, up $75 from the $3,600 raised in 2016. The average premium for each exhibitor totaled $367.50, which was $32.50 less than the 2016 auction average of $400.

Jadyn Joyce’s Grand Champion Market Goat received a premium of $375, which was paid by the Foot Ranch and Hamburger Hill Cattle Company. Zane Wickman’s Champion Breeding Doe received a premium of $375 from Bohn’s Plainview Farms. Premiums for the market goats ranged from $300 to $400.

Market Beef Sale

The auction of the market beef featured 21 exhibitors, earning a total of $13,200, which was $2,540 above the 2016 auction total of $10,660. However, the average premium of $367.50 was $96.28 less than the 2016 auction average of $463.78.

Emma Anderson’s Supreme Grand Champion and County Raised Champion steer premium was sold to the Kibbie Cattle Company for $1,225, while the while the Supreme Champion Breeding Female shown by Laney Montage fetched a premium Reserve Champion steer of Eric Sundall earned a premium of $725 from Pro Coop. The premiums paid to beef exhibitors ranged from $400 to $1,225.

Dairy Sale

The Dairy sale’s four exhibitors earned a total premium of $1,725, a $100 increase over the 2016 auction total of $1,625. That amount translates into an average premium of $431.25, which was $25 above the 2016 auction average premium of $406.25.

Joe Chapman’s Overall Champion Dairy cow drew a premium of $350 from Spencer Agronomy, while Ryan Kenyon’s Reserve Champion Heifer fetched a premium of $475 from the Cylinder Boosters.

The dairy premiums paid ranged from $350 to $475.

Market Swine Sale

For the Market Swine auction, a total of $7,475 was paid out to the 14 premium exhibitors, an increase of $2,295 over the 2016 auction total of $5,450. The average premium worked out to $533.93, $175.60 higher than the $358.33 average paid in 2016.

The Supreme Champion Market Pig of Jordan Anderson drew a premium of $475 from the Cylinder Merchant Auction group. The Supreme Reserve Champion Market Pig, shown by Mprgan Schmidt, commanded a premium of $1,125 from Solberg Seed Sales.

Premiums paid in the swine auction ranged from the $325 to $1,125.

Auction Buyers

Without the loyal and generous support of individuals, businesses and buying cooperative groups, the Premium Auction would not be possible. That belief in the future of youth was displayed again during Sunday’s auction.

The buyers’ cooperatives from Emmetsburg and Cylinder stepped up again to support the youth of the county throughout the entire auction. Those businesses and individuals supporting the Cylinder Merchants group included Fred Reding Seed Sales, Iowa Trust and Savings Bank, Ohrtman Ag, Cylinder RV, Weisbrod Electric, JT Body, Bonnstetter Auto Body and King Excavation. Also participating in the Cylinder Merchants group were King Farms, Haack’s Nest, Estee Fogarty, Ernie Williams, Eischen Sales, Whittemore Truck and Trailer, Bob and Tessie Hoch and the Petersen Insurance Agency.

Also purchasing livestock premiums during the auction on Sunday were Jay and Julie Bargman, Solberg Seed Sales, Spencer Ag Center, Craig and Karen Thu, Schmitt Family Farms, Bob Reiman, Tom Kuecker-Golden Harvest Seeds, Kyle Hurley Farms, Ruppert Cattle Company and Chad Anderson Pioneer Seeds. Also purchasing premiums were Pro Coop, Trim line Painting, Joe Schuller Elecrtic, Kibbie Cattle Company, NMJ Cattle Company, VonEhwegen Seed, and Fareway Stores of Emmetsburg.

Additional premium auction supporters were Spencer Agronomy, Martin Bergstrom, Jeff Wickman, Country View Acres, Bohn’s Plainview Acres, Joyce Family Farms, Larry and Renita Brown, Banwart Trucking, Joe’s Appliance Repair, Double M Concessions, Kerber Milling Company, Kenyon Family Farm, West Iowa Bank, Algona Livestock and the Big Foot Ranch and Hamburger Hill Cattle Company.