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Drainage Reports Submitted For Approval

By Staff | Jul 25, 2017

Information on a couple of drainage districts was presented to the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors during their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 18.

Drainage Engineer Rick Hopper from Jacobsen-Westergard of Estherville presented the Supervisors with a report for repairs needed to Drainage District 41. According to Hopper, there is as much as 2.8 feet of silt deposited in some areas of the main open ditch and several outlet pipes are also in need of repairs.

“The total estimate of construction is $63,677,” Hopper began. “You will notice one major difference from other estimates is that there is a line for ‘Burn and Bury tree piles.’ This was added because when the trees were taken out they were to wet to burn.”

Hopper informed the Supervisors that a drone had been used to identify the tree piles and that going forward any drainage ditch he will be working on the drone will be used before, during and after completion of the project.

“Total project cost estimation is $99,745,” Hopper continued. “Which comes to $27.10 per acre based on 3,680 acres.”

With some further discussion, unanimous approval to accept the engineer’s report and move ahead with repairs and begin to begin reclassification was given.

Bids were then taken for repair work to be done on DD41 open ditch. Six bids were submitted with only five being accepted as follows:

King Excavation, Cylinder $ 53,258.20

Reutzel Excavating, Burt $63,422.96

Lund Construction, Eagle Grove $63,739

Abel Drainage, Greenville $59,108.20

LA Carlson, Merrill $141,615

The sixth bid was rejected for the following reason the bid bond was not in a separate envelope from the actual bid in accordance with Iowa laws regarding drainage. After the bids were verified the contract was awarded to King Excavation of Cylinder.

Hopper then presented the Supervisors with an Appraisal Report concerning damages in Drainage District 61 Lateral B.

“Going back we cannot find two permanent Right-of-Way acquisition,” Hopper stated. “One from James and Linda Miller and one from Georgia Elbert. So we have included the purchase price of the two ROWs as well as other costs.”

Total payout for this drainage district is $90,773. An objection was filed relating to wetland and CRP acres. Hopper is planning to get together with Jeremy Thilges, NRCS, Resource Conservationist and address concerns within the letter.

Unanimous approval was given to approve and accept the engineer’s report and to make payments according to the report.

In other business, approval was given to the solid waste contracts with the cities of Ayrshire, Cylinder, Ruthven, Emmetsburg and Graettinger.

Andy Stolley with Secondary Roads presented the Supervisors with a quote to purchase a used semi to replace the 1993 Peterbilt. The semi being looked at is a 2007 Mac with 664,000 miles and has a clean title. The cost is $31,000.

A motion was made to approve the purchase contingent upon getting at least a 30-day warranty on the vehicle.

In final business, Chris Towell, Assistant to the County Engineer presented for approval the one-day closing of roads B53 through Ayrshire and B63 through Mallard to traffic within each town for Monday, July 24 for RAGBRAI. Unanimous approval was given and all traffic will be re-routed for one day only.