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New Cabin To Be Build At Five Island Campground

By Staff | Jun 20, 2017

By Anna Veltri

The City Council met on June 26 to discuss new business including the new Five Island Campground project. The campground will be located on Lake Shore Drive. Construction began in the spring and as Hulstein Excavation is approaching the end of building phase one, the old Lake Shore Drive has been closed to complete the new roadbed.

Hulstein Excavating had 21 days left at the time of the meeting. The seeder is scheduled to come in this week. Warm season grass will be planted in the coming days.

The City Council considered the contracted service agreement between Iowa Lakes Community College for the construction of a cabin at the Five Island Campground. The Iowa Lakes’ Construction Technology, Electrical, and HVAC students and instructors will construct the cabin. The students submitted multiple plans for the new cabin; city staff and Park Board members chose the ultimate design for the cabin from the submissions. The students will begin construction this fall.

The City Council continued the discussion on the proposed amendment to the municipal code that would allow “automotive washing” as a special exception in the C-1 General Commercial zoning district. The council had previously met to discuss this issue in May, but since it did not meet the minimum of five affirmative votes, the second and third readings of the ordinance are required.

This new ordinance would allow an automatic car wash anywhere in the C-1 zoning district. Most of downtown Emmetsburg is included in the C-1 district including the Court House and the old middle school building. This has caused concern for some individuals in adjoining neighborhoods as the carwash could create noise issues. A public hearing was held on May 22.

“I just want everyone to realize that this is allowing the possibility of this exception anyplace in the C-1 commercial. It doesn’t address the one we’re talking about in the parking lot of the old middle school. It’s broad- all of C-1. Anyone can ask for an exception in C-1,” Brian Campbell commented.

“So we’re the ones that have to answer to the citizens,” Bill Burdick replied.

“We didn’t vote to allow the exception. We voted to allow the request for the exception,” Brian Campbell clarified.

Only four members of the City Council were present on Monday night, which created complications for reaching the five affirmative votes to waive the third reading of the ordinance.

If ordinance 571 should get approval, requests for automotive carwashes will be directed to the Board of Adjustments, which is a completely separate entity from the City Council.

Once it has moved on to the Board of Adjustments, the Council has no input as to whether or not the installation of the carwash is approved.

Councilman Bill Burdick voted against the second reading, while Mike Hermansen, Ryan Berkland, and Brian Campbell voted in favor. The final reading will occur at the City Council meeting on June 26.