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Talks Tabled On 17th Street Repairs

By Staff | May 25, 2017

The issue of West 17th Street was a major topic of discussion during the regular meeting of the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisor held on Tuesday, May 23.

“We have been looking at various ways to do something on West 17th Street,” Frank Kliegl, Public Works Director for the City of Emmetsburg began. “For all practical purposes, we are leaning toward blacktopping.”

“It’s a priority and has been for a few years now and now we are just wondering what direction we are going to go if there is any,” Kliegl continued.

When Roger Faulstick, Supervisor asked for Palo Alto County Engineer Walter Davis-Oeth’s thoughts on the issue Davis-Oeth had this to say:

“I talked to Scott (referring to Scott Rinehart from Blacktop Service Co. of Humbolt), while he was looking at the road and I think the general thoughts are that the base is not going to be an issue out there.”

“It’s obviously right next to the sand pit so that should give you some idea what it is, although core samples have never been taken. That road is only 30 years old and has that kind of structural damage to it, which should imply something is wrong with it,” Davis-Oeth continued to add.

According to Blacktop Service Co. representatives, a six-inch overlay of blacktop would be put directly onto the existing surface. Four-inches is a standard overlay.

“It is not budgeted for the county for the coming year,” Davis-Oeth stated. “And it is my understanding it is not in the city budget either.”

“Originally the road was put in with county money; no city money was used,” Kliegl noted. “The city has been maintaining this road for several years.”

“I would like to discuss extending 25th Street to airport road and fixing the truck traffic in this town,” Joe Joyce said. “It would be in the best interest of the town to eliminate truck traffic from Main Street. I think it is pretty obvious, this town needs this road again badly (referring to 25th Street).”

Some further discussion on 25th Street and right of ways as well as the 17th Street issue continued and the Supervisors directed Davis-Oeth to look into the matter further and come back with a couple of solutions.

“At some point we will need to have a joint meeting with the City, but Walter needs some time to get figures together,” Supervisor Chairman Keith Wirtz stated.

With that, any decision was tabled until Davis-Oeth has time to investigate and being back several options.