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Recycling Trailers Have New Location

By Staff | Feb 23, 2017

A NEW LOCATION – Palo Alto County Sanitarian Joe Neary and Transfer Station Employee Todd Ditch are shown standing in front of the three recycling trailers located on the city lot two blocks west of Grace Baptist Church for the convenience of individual residents of Palo Alto County. The mobile trailer will travel throughout the county and be at various locations, which will be arranged. --Anesa McGregor photo

home for the recycling trailers that were located at the Transfer Station north of Emmetsburg. The recycling trailers are now located at the city lot, two blocks west of the Grace Baptist Church on 17th Street.

“We had quite a few complaints because people had to drive on gravel to get to the recycling trailers,” Joe Neary, Palo Alto County Sanitarian said. “We got together with the City of Emmetsburg and decided the location on 17th Street would be the best location. The idea is to eventually have a light and camera on the trailers.”

Both roll off trailers are now at the new location and are available for individual residents of Palo Alto County to use. Businesses; however, are asked not to use the recycling trailers but to take any recycling directly to Shamrock.

“The plan is to leave the mobile trailer at the 17th Street location for two weeks,” Neary said. “After that it will travel around the county to various locations yet to be determined.”

The current mobile trailer was made possible by a matching grant from the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation and according to Neary, there are plans to apply for another grant to purchase an additional trailer.

Residents are able to bring recyclable cardboard, paper, plastics, cans and glass to the new location. Residents are reminded to stop using plastic bags for their plastic recyclables. Currently, there is not an outlet for plastic bags and these items will not be taken by Shamrock.

Keep watching for future location notifications as the mobile trailer moves around the county.

Larry Zwemke of Emmetsburg said, “This is great. We don’t have to drive that stretch of gravel anymore. The idea of using a camera is a good idea, after all this is for us (residents of the county) and we all have a stake in it.”