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Road Safety Projects Receive Supervisor Approval

By Staff | Oct 27, 2016

The Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors received requests for approval on a couple different items from the Palo Alto County Engineer as well as received a briefing regarding the county’s insurance at their regular meeting Tuesday, October 25.

Walter Davis-Oeth, Palo Alto County Engineer requested the approval of a safety improvement project on County Roads B14 near Graettinger and B63 near West Bend.

“The project is to make the curves safer on both of these roads,” Davis-Oeth stated. “Total cost for the two projects is $601,380 with $478,000 coming from federal aid.”

With little discussion unanimous approval was given.

In another request by Davis-Oeth, he asked that the new CSR Curve for Right of Way Acquisition with appraisal waivers for the fiscal year 2017 be approved. Current right of way acquisitions would still be done under the current curve; however, beginning with the N40 project, the new method of figuring purchasing cost would be used.

“Is there much difference between the current curve and the proposed curve?” Supervisor Ed Noonan questioned.

After making a phone call, Davis-Oeth stated, “There is about a three percent difference in purchase price in the proposed curve. The proposed curve takes into account fair market value of land currently while the current curve uses last years’ fair market values on land.”

With little discussion on the three percent difference, the Board gave unanimous approval on the proposed curve.

In other business, in a telephone conference call with Linda West, Insurance Broker, the Board received the quarterly report of the Partial Self-Funding Account for county employee insurance.

In final business, the Supervisors received the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Employee Association Initial Bargaining Proposals. With the acceptance of the proposals, the Board went into closed session.