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Voluntary Annexation Receives Approval From Supervisors

By Staff | Oct 13, 2016

Nick Roether from Erpelding Excavating of Algona presented proposed plans for tiling work and a voluntary annexation to the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors during their regular meeting Tuesday, October 11.

Roether presented plans for the voluntary annexation of Jennett Farm, LLC into Drainage District 80 Upper Main in Freedom Township Section 28.

“Currently, the tile on Jennett Farm, LLC, runs to Drainage District 21 and at this time they would like to tile into Drainage District 80,” Roethler began. ” You can see by the photos this will help the surface drainage on their farm.”

“Do you see any neighbors being upset by this project?” Supervisor Ed Noonan asked.

Participating in the discussion by telephone, Don Etler, Drainage Engineer from Bolton and Menk of Spencer stated, “We know that farther down the district there are issues, but it should not have any noticeable effect. When the ditch is full, the tile will be underwater and the flow should be halted until the water begins to recede.,”

With little further discussion, unanimous approval was given for this project and the annexation.

In other business, Palo Alto County Engineer Walter Davis-Oeth attended the meeting via telephone. Davis-Oeth requested approval for a partial acquisition contract for Parcel number 17 in Fern Valley Township, Section 29 from Jerome Laubenthal at a cost of $3,831.87. Unanimous approval was given. Davis-Oeth also requested the approval of the Federal Aid Agreement for N40, a surface transportation project, which is a joint project with the City of Emmetsburg. The distance is 1.25 miles. Approval was unanimous on this.

Supervisor Ed Noonan and Supervisor Keith Wirtz commented on the edge lines that are being put on the roads.

“I believe in edge lines and will hopefully be able to include more roads going forward,” Davis-Oeth stated.

In final business, Palo Alto County Attorney Peter Hart was on hand to brief the Board regarding plans for the Brink Building.

“This is the final plan for the layout of the building,” Hart began. “We do not need an architect because we are not changing the structure which will save on costs. Also Rick Elbert is getting two to three quotes form local contractors for the work to be done.”