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City Gives Go-Ahead For Putter’s Trail

By Staff | Oct 13, 2016

Emmetsburg City Council voted to proceed with Putter’s Trail, despite the fact that the bid came in over the engineer’s budget.

City Administrator John Bird told Council members that the Iowa DOT had accepted the bid of Beck Excavating, who had the low bid.

“The application for this project was submitted five years ago. The project, in the end, will be about $38,900 over the estimated costs established back then,” said Bird.

Bird visited with the project engineer and they anticipate all of the work on Putter’s Trail will be completed before June 30 next year.

“The reason I asked that question is because I thought we could take care of the overage in next year’s budget – the budget we’ll prepare end of December and January,” he explained. “It appears all of the work will be done, so it’s something that will have to be taken care of in a budget amendment between and April. Megan (Jones, Finance Director) and I visited about this, and if you go ahead with the project we believe it would be prudent to fund that overage, equal halves, out of our Hotel Motel Recreation, Culture, Tour- ism, and half out of Local Option Sales Tax Community Betterment, both which have adequate funds for that. We will not deplete either of them.”

The presentation to the council Monday was awarding the contract for the Putter’s Trail project to Beck Excavating. The project is being funded, about half, out of the federal government’s DOT dollars.

“I think we’re getting $96,000 in federal funds for this project,” said Bird. The total bid, as submitted by Beck Excavating, Inc. is for $147,526.20.

Putter’s Trail starts across the street from Kearney State Park, and follows Lakeside Lutheran Home’s south boundary to the west boundary, then north to College Drive and back to the east to connect with the existing FIT Trail.