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‘Monsters’ Found On Palo Alto County Farm

By Staff | Oct 6, 2016

MONSTERS INC. – Mike and Sully, two characters from the movie, Monsters Inc., stand on either side of Nash Crawford, three and half years old, and his mom, Wendi Crawford. The Crawfords hope their hay bale creations brighten peoples day as they wish everyone a “Safe Harvest.” Look for Mike and Sully southwest of Cylinder. --Anesa McGregor photo

Mike and Sully, two beloved characters from the movie Monsters Inc., can be found in rural Palo Alto County southwest of Cylinder. Dan and Wendi Crawford welcomed Mike and Sully to their farm at 4159 510th Ave.

After seeing several decorated hay bales around the area, especially near Burt, Wendi Crawford thought this was something that would make people smile. She also thought this would be a good way to remind everyone to have a “Safe Harvest.”

“I wanted to create something geared toward children,” Crawford said. “As a family, we really enjoy the movie Monsters Inc. and with Halloween right around the corning, Mike and Sully were perfect.”

The family joined together to create the monsters. Wendi’s husband, Dan, set the hay bales. Their son, three-and-a-half year old Nash, help with the spray paint.

“We used 15 cans of spray paint and it took a good 8 to 10 hours to complete,” Crawford said. “We worked on it as a family and had a blast. All the extra parts, the arms and horns, are made from things I found on the farm.”

As far as any future creations, Crawford had this to say: “We are considering more creations in the future. As long as we have young children, we would love to do more.”

The next time you find yourself driving down 510th Ave., look around. You might just find monsters in the neighborhood.