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City Council Sets Public Hearings

By Staff | Sep 29, 2016

Emmetsburg City Council set three public hearings for their next meeting on Monday, Oct. 10.

Council members set a publoc hearing on a Resolution ordering bids, approving plans and specifications, form of contact and estimate of cost for the frontage road extension project.

This is the frontage road extension west from Shopko.

“We don’t anticipate paving the frontage road this year,” said City Administrator John Bird. “We will get the bed built and the rock on it. Although the whole thing will be bid, we won’t pave it until next year, most likely.”

The second public hearing will be held on adopting a resolution on a General Obligation Corporate Purpose Loan Agreement and to borrow money in a principal amount not to exceed $500,000.

“The proceeds from the sale of this bond would go toward the construction of the frontage road, the renovation of the storm sewer,” explained Bird. “It would fund the unfunded portion of the campground development project. When I say unfunded – you’ve set aside money for all of the development of the campground, with the exception of moving the road and paving the road in the future. I can only assume the only reason it’s not funded is because when you took the action to set aside the funding, you were not anticipating this extra road. In essence, we ended up with one more road than we anticipated. The first road was going to be between the first row of campers. By changing the concept, we’ve added a road.”

Bird added, “The last $110,000 would be, if you wish to include in the bondage issuance, the local share of the North Lawler/N40 project that is not yet set aside. We budgeted for half of that work to be done in the current year and we intend to budget for the other half of the work to be done in fiscal ’18. Just because of the construction season, the project is going to occur in two budgets. You have already committed $110,000. You’re going to have to, in the next budget process, commit another $110,000. If you want to include that in this bond issue, you may. Or, you can find it elsewhere in the budget process.”

“I think the idea of bonding is good because we are setting at less than half of what our capacity is,” said Councilman Mike Hermansen. “With interest rates as low as they are, this is as good a time as any to do that without having to rob from other places that we may need that money.”

Another public hearing was set on a resolution to amend the Emmetsburg Urban Renewal Area.

The City Council meeting begins at 6 p.m. and the public hearings are on the agenda.

City Council members awarded a contract to Holstein Excavating for the Storm Water Drainage Relocation Project. They were the lowest of two bidders at $61,570. The other bid was from DeLoss Construction at $81,952.10.

Bird noted that Holstein Excavating is the company that just completed the water main extension and they are the low bidder on the campground project.

“I assume that’s why their bid was so much lower, because they’ve already got equipment on site.”