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Supervisors Approve Utility Permits As Well as Hold Completion Hearing

By Staff | Aug 11, 2016

Palo Alto County Engineer Walter Davis-Oeth briefed the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors during its weekly meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 9, as well as Drainage Engineer Rick Hopper from Jacobsen-Westergard of Estherville to hold a drainage district completion hearing.

The engineer submitted two utility permits for Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative of Estherville for work in Silver Lake Township. The first permit was for installation of underground utility lines in Sections 10 and 15, with the second permit for the burial of underground lines to replace overhead 7200 volt transmission lines in Section 10. Both permits received unanimous approval of the Supervisors.

Davis-Oeth also reported on various road work being done in the county. “The rumble strips have been completed on B14, west of Graettinger, so that road is basically complete.”

“Are you happy with the way the road turned out?” Supervisor Craig Merrill asked.

“I believe it’s going to hold up nicely,” Davis-Oeth responded.

“The county purchased a shouldering machine, correct?” Supervisor Chairman Linus Solberg questioned.

“Yes. We are still trying to get the dump trucks fitted with the proper attachment to be able to dump gravel where we need to. They have started some shouldering work on the county line, between Clay and Palo Alto Counties,” Davis-Oeth answered.

“Are we going to use road rock or gravel?” Solberg asked.

“I would like to try the gravel first and keep the road rock for our gravel roads,” Davis-Oeth replied.

In regard to the B55 project at Rodman, Davis-Oeth reported that the contractor, Cedar Valley Construction, has begun trimming the grade and paving should start by the end of the week or beginning of next week. The road will be closed until the cement cures but Cedar Valley will work with property owners to minimize any disruptions.

In other business, a completion hearing was held on Drainage District 7 Lateral 2, south of Graettinger. According to Drainage Engineer Rick Hopper, the final bill came in lower than was originally expected. The soil was better and trench stabilization was minimal. Hopper also noted that the footage came in slightly shorter than estimated and one drain intake was not needed, along with the fact there was only a single damage claim for three acres of farmland. With little further discussion, unanimous approval was given for a completion and claim payment to be made by the Palo Alto County Auditor within 30 days.

Palo Alto County Treasurer Robin Jamison and Mallard Mayor James Gehrt were also on hand to request that past due taxes on a property in Mallard be abated. According to Jamison, there would be a small fee for the City of Mallard should the Supervisors wave the past taxes. The supervisors were unanimous in agreement to abate the taxes if the fee were paid.