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Supervisors Approve Quit Claim Deed

By Staff | Jun 23, 2016

For the second week, the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors were asked to consider a Quit Claim Deed to Horizons Unlimited at their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 21. Drainage District levies were also presented at this time.

With approximately 10 members of the Horizons Unlimited Board on hand, the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors made a motion to introduce and approve a resolution relinquishing their Right of Re-Entry to the property located at 3826 450 Ave. The approval of a Quit Claim Deed to Horizons Unlimited was also introduced. With no discussion both motions received unanimous approval, giving Horizons Unlimited a clear title to the property to proceed with the sale.

In other business, unanimous approval was given for a drainage levy on Drainage District 167 and for a separate levy on Palo Alto/Kossuth Drainage District Joint 1 Main Open Ditch. Approval to cancel the levy on Drainage District 7 Main Open Ditch was also given.

Palo Alto County Engineer Walter Davis-Oeth was on hand to give notification of the resignation of the Shop Foreman.

“This is a budgeted position and is also a significant position to Secondary Roads Department,” Davis-Oeth said. “With your approval, I am going to start advertising right away and get someone in there. It will probably be a slightly different position. I have envisioned it being slightly more mechanical in terms of doing more of the mechanical work but still a lot of the same responsibilities. I would at least like a verbal consent to advertise this position.”

“Just go ahead and do it. That’s your job,” Solberg responded.

Ray Grandstaff, Ruthven area landowner, appeared before the board to inquire on the progress of the wind turbine ordinance, specifically in regard to drainage.

“What is the progress on the wind turbine ordinance and drainage concerns?” Grandstaff asked.

“I just talked with Dean (Gunderson, Zoning Board Chairman) last night and you need to talk to the Zoning Board. They are going to get a hold of Hudson (drainage attorney, Hudson Law Firm, Pocahontas) and trying to get something written up similar to what we did for the pigs,” Supervisor Chairman Linus Solberg said.

“When the hog confinements were being built, we had an agreement with them as far as the drainage tiles,” Palo Alto County Auditor Carmen Moser said.

“You mean as far as repairs if they broke something?” Supervisor Craig Merrill asked.

“Yes,” Moser responded.

In a call to Zoning Board Chairman Dean Gunderson, Gunderson stated that they are working with Hudson for drainage information. The template that will be followed is from the transmission lines for MidAmerican Energy and they will add what is needed to cover wind turbines.

In final business, three companies: KW Electric of Emmetsburg, River Valley Telecommunications of Graettinger and Midwest Technology of Graettinger all submitted bids to replace the cabling in the courthouse. The networking is currently slow with the old Category 5 cabling and to improve Internet speed, an upgrade to Category 6 cabling is recommended. With some discussion, the item was tabled until the next meeting.