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Low Voter Turnout

By Staff | Jun 9, 2016

With no local races in the Primary Election, few Palo Alto County voters went to the polls on Tuesday. The day registered just over 10-percent voter turnout.

Even though Palo Alto County candidates faced no opposition in the Primary election, they received votes of support at the polls.

Palo Alto County Auditor Carmen Moser received 322 votes on the Republican ticket. She faces no opposition in the General Election in the fall.

Palo Alto County Sheriff Lynn Schultes received 255 votes on the Democratic ticket. He faces no opposition in the General Election in the fall.

There will be two races for Palo Alto County Board of Supervisor positions in the General Election.

Board of Supervisors District 3 will see incumbent Ed Noonan of Ayrshire on the Republican ticket facing Roger Faulstick of Emmetsburg on the Democratic ticket.

In the Primary Election, Noonan received 23 votes from Republicans and Faulstick received 75 votes from Democrats.

Supervisor District 3 includes all of Silver Lake Township and most of Highland, Emmetsburg and Walnut Townships, including Ward 3 in the City of Emmetsburg.

Board of Supervisors District 4 will see incumbent Ronald D. Graettinger of Graettinger on the Republican ticket facing Richard?Prior of Graettinger on the Democratic ticket.

Supervisor District 4 includes all of Lost Island Township and a bit of Highland and Walnut Townships, and the towns of Ruthven and Graettinger.

State Representative District 2, incumbent Megan Jess Jones received 306 votes on the Republican ticket.

Statewide, the race for U.S. Senate on the Democratic ticket drew voters. Palo Alto County backed candidate Rob Hogg, but statewide Patty Judge got the nod.

Unofficial Palo Alto County vote totals were:?Thomas Fiegen 10; Rob Hogg 110; Patty Judge 103; and Bob Krause 35.

Incumbent Sen. Charles Grassley received 293 votes on the Republican ticket.

U.S. House District 4 on the Republican ticket, incumbent Steve King was favored in Palo Alto County as well as the state. Locally, King received 229 votes and challenger Rick Bertrand had 108 votes. On the Democratic ticket, Kim Weaver received 221 votes