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Emmetsburg FFA Recognizes Member Achievements At Banquet

By Staff | May 19, 2016

HONORARY?MEMBERSHIPS - Mrs. Kelly Josephson, left and Mrs. Andrea Accola-Sabin, middle, were awarded Honorary Memberships in the Emmetsburg FFA by Chapter President Katie Hoffman, right, during the annual FFA?Recognition Banquet last Tuesday. The duo are faculty members at Emmetsburg High School. -- Dan Voigt photo

The accomplishments and achievements of the members of the Emmetsburg FFA Chapter were celebrated Tuesday, May 10, along with some special honors at the organization’s annual awards banquet. Special awards were also presented during the event to individuals for their assistance and support of the Emmetsburg FFA.

Chapter Advisor Steve Eskildsen named Nick Grandstaff as the recipient of the DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award. Eskildsen named Jenna Chapman as the recipient of the Outstanding Senior Award for the year. Honorary Chapter Member awards were presented to Kelly Josephson and Andrea Accola-Sabin for their assistance to the organization at Emmetsburg High School during the past year. Honored as the Star Greenhands for the year were Betty Strohman, Alexis Lowagie and Nick Schany. Winning the Proficiency Awards were Jillian Joyce and Ty Harson.

Several awards and recognitions were presented to members of the Emmetsburg FFA, starting with Skills CDE Recognition awards. Those awards were presented to Nick Schany, Nick Grandstaff, Ty Harson, Grant Deitering, Jenna Joyce, Katie Hoffman, Brent Wesley, Jade Schleismann, Dylan Kibbie, Zach Mason, Austin Bergstrom, Kolten Long, Chance Saathoff and Colton Whited.

Leadership CDE awards were presented to Nick Schany, Nick Grandstaff, Kenzie Upton, Thomas Woodford, Bailee Garrelts, Alexis Louwagie, Wade Travis, Dylan Kibbie, Austin Bergstrom, Nick Plantz, Zach Mason, Kinsey Kogel, Clayton Swanson, Betty Strohman, Corbin Saathoff, and Carter Hoffman.

Greenhand Degrees were bestowed on Mackenzie Berkland, Evan Brennan, Adam Deitering, Noah Dietrich, Breighton Egland, Spencer Griffin, Calvin Hart, Matthew Hill, Carter Hoffman, Ana Kennedy, Kinsey Kogel, Nick Krieg, Alex Kunz, David Lazo, Ivan Lazo, Kyle Licht, Alexis Louwagie, Hunter Murphy, Niyah Morgan, Hunter McAllister, Corbin Saathoff, Nick Schany, Clayton Swanson, Betty Strohman and Thomas Woodford.

AG?PARTNERS?SCHOLARSHIP - Katie Hoffman, left, was presented with the AgPartners Scholarship by Megan Tusa, right, representing AgPartners. -- Dan Voigt photo

Chapter Degrees were bestowed on Emma Anderson, Linnea Ankeny, Austin Bergstrom, Emily Berkland, Rachel Berkland, Dalton Bunda, Brennan Duhn, Rachel Duhn, Hanna Frerichs, Sean Ireland, Jillian Joyce, Dylan Kibbie, Natalie Kliegl, Kolton Long, Natalee Lowe, Jaci Manwarren, Zach Mason, Mary Nelson, Avery Ringlaben, Parter Traub, Wade Travis and Zane Wickman.

Earning Iowa FFA Degrees were Katie Hoffman, Nick Grandstaff, Will Schany, Grant Deitering, Ty Harson, Brent Wesley, Jade Schleismann and Olivia Hampe.

Special Academic Achievement Awards were presented to Emma Anderson, Linnea Ankeny, Emily Berkland, Mackenzie Berkland, Rachel Berkland, Luke Dahm, Grant Deitering, Noah Dietrich, Brennan Duhn, Spencer Griffin, Matthew Hill, Natalie Kliegl, Kinsey Kogel, Kolton Long, Kyle Licht, Alexis Louwagie, Natalee Lowe, Mary Nelson, Nick Schany, Will Schany, Jade Schleismann, Parter Traub, Wade Travis, Brent Wesley and Thomas Woodford.

Awards were presented for the top fruit sales, with the honorees being Ty Harson, Brenna Duhn, Katie Hoffman, Carter Hoffman, Kyle Licht, Kolten Long, Hanna Frerichs, Nick Schany, Nick Grandstaff, Clayton Freeman and Jillian Joyce.

SPECIAL?AWARDS - Jenna Chapman, left, was named the Outstanding Senior by Chapter Advisor Steve Eskildsen, center, while Nick Grandstaff, at right, was named the recipient of the DeKalb Agriculture Award. -- Dan Voigt photo