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Palo Alto County Supervisors Discuss Temporary Location for County Attorney

By Staff | May 12, 2016

An update was given to the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors on the fire at the Brinks Building, which housed the Palo Alto County Attorney and the Sanitarian/Zoning offices that occurred on April 26, at their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 10.

During last weeks meeting the Board approved the temporary location for the County Attorney and Sanitarian/Zoning offices. With unanimous approval, the Board authorized Palo Alto County Attorney Peter Hart to rent the old Farmers Mutual Insurance Building (across the street to the South of the Brinks Building) as a temporary location for six months at a cost of $750 per month plus utilities.

“We are currently in the building right now but we only have a phone. The Internet will be put in and the servers installed in the next day or two. We will be ready for business once this is complete,” Hart said.

The question arose as to what was the point of origin of the fire and Hart told the Board that at this time the investigation was on going and could not be discussed.

“We need to make sure we address the building on both sides when we are able to do something,” Supervisor Ed Noonan said. “Are the walls between the buildings shared walls or separate?”

“There are two walls together,” Hart answered.

“If the Brinks Building gets torn down, we will need to address the walls of the other buildings. Something will have to be done since I’m sure they were not constructed as outside walls,” Supervisor Craig Merrill said.

Palo Alto County Veterans Affairs Director Cliff Christensen was on hand to update the Board on changes in the Veterans Affairs Commission.

“”Pat Higley’s term expires this month and he has decided to step down. The Commission has appointed Richard (Dick) Sample of Emmetsburg to fill the opening,” Christensen said. “With this new appointment, the positions on the commission will also change. Christina Clausen will move to Chairperson, Dan Glaser will move to Secretary and Dick Sample will be in the member position.”

These changes to the Veterans Affairs Commission will be effective May 31.