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Brown Goods Recycling Is April 28-29

By Staff | Apr 19, 2016

It’s time for Emmetsburg residents to clean out old computer and electronic equipment. These items will be picked up during E-Waste and Brown Goods recycling next week.

What is considered E-Waste? What are Brown Goods?

“Basically, this includes all types of computer and electronic equipment,” says Michael Flannegan, owner and operator of Shamrock Recycling.

Items to be collected include: computer mouse, computer hard drive, computer desk top, computer circuit board, computer keyboard, computer printer, computer external modem, computer monitor, computer server, computer mainframe, computer scanner, lap top computers, and CD?Rom.

Additional electronic equipment that will be accepted during E-Waste and Brown Goods Recycling Week includes cell phones, typewriters, VCR, photocopier, pager, telephone, fax machine, television, cash register, stereo and speakers (computer and stereo speakers).

Kitchen items such as can openers and toasters will also be accepted for recycling.

No microwaves or vacuum cleaners will be collected.

E-Waste and Brown Goods Recycling days are Thursday, April 28, for Emmetsburg residents who live on the south side of Highway 18, and Friday, April 29, for Emmetsburg residents who live on the n orth side of Highway 18.

Items for recycling are to be placed at curbside by 7:30 a.m. on day of collection. If garbage is collected on the same day, E-Waste and Brown Goods items should be placed away form normal garbage.

Anyone with questions about this once a year recycling opportunity should contact Michael Flannegan at Shamrock Recycling: 712-426-3002.

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