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SCRIP Program To Help Support Local Schools

By Staff | Mar 3, 2016

BENEFITTING?THE?KIDS - The Emmetsburg SCRIP?Program is a new way to assist in providing funds for additional activities for school students. Students Colten Moser, Reese Taylor, Tate Carter, Austin Stokes, Maddy Anderson and Colby Weir, from left to right, display some of the SCRIP?cards available through the SCRIP?Program. --submitted photo

Parents of school-age children are all too aware of what seem to be never-ending fundraising efforts by school age children to support various activities. In a normal school year, there are a multitude of groups who embark on fundraising drives to support their groups, and there are also organizations that hold fundraisers to benefit an entire school building.

In Emmetsburg, a group of parents of West Elementary Students and Middle School Students have joined forces to embark on a new type of fundraising effort. The effort, known as SCRIP, allows an individual to raise money for their schools whenever they make regular purchases of items from retailers.

The idea of raising funds through SCRIP revolves around people purchasing specific SCRIP gift cards from businesses. SCRIP is recognized by hundreds of nationally known and local retailers who are participating in the SCRIP program, ranging from grocery, department stores, restaurants, hotels and gas stations. As an example, SCRIP cards are offered by such businesses as Amazon, Applebee’s Arbys, Bath and Body Works, The Buckle, Cabela’s, Dunham’s Sports, The Gap, Hallmark, JC Penney, Kohl’s, L.L. Bean, Menards, Old Navy, Target, Wallmart and Younkers, just to name a few national retailers.

Several local businesses are also participating in the SCRIP program, including A&W, A Heavenly Celebration, Bomgaars, Crown Salon, Cheveux Slon and Spa, Creative Stitches, Dynos, Emmetsburg Screen Printing, Five Island Spa, Hairs to You, Holistic Arts Massage, Hometown Convenience, Hughes Pharmacy, KimBuck’s Cuisine, Kirby’s Caf, Pizza Hut, Pizza Ranch, Slash Point Sales, Sol Salon, Subway and Wentzel’s True Value.

When an individual, family or business uses a SCRIP gift card for purchases instead of cash, checks or credit cards, the participating business gives a rebate back to the local school district. Rebate amounts can range anywhere from three percent to as high as 50 percent. What makes the SCRIP program so appealing is that it can be used as a monthly budget tool for families or individuals, as well as a great gift-giving idea. Or, it makes a great tool to use for special trips and getaways. But the biggest benefit of SCRIP is that the more people who participate in the program and shop with SCRIP actually help earn more money for local students.

There are many ways to become a SCRIP user. You may enroll via email at:


Or you may order online at

ShopWithScrip.com and use the enrollment code 1D69A4B748198,

Or you may call Lori Stokes at 712-363-4831 or Angie Strohman at 712-298-1648 to place your order.

For a full list of retailers that participate in the SCRIP program, and to see how much retailers rebate back to the local students,