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Completion Hearings Held On Drainage Districts

By Staff | Mar 3, 2016

Completion hearings were held on three drainage districts during the regular meeting of the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, February 23. Rick Hopper, Drainage Engineer and Jason Bendixan, Technician from Jacobsen-Westergard & Associates of Spencer were on hand to answer questions.

Drainage District 5 had claims for crop loss and damages filed by landowners David Girres and Mas Osborn. In a unanimous decision, the Board approved the claim to Max Osborn for damages in the amount of $11,148. The Board also approved to pay for crop loss to David Girres after the engineer discusses the number of acres involved with him and approved to pay $1,000 for labor for rock and stick cleanup and leveling.

Drainage District 159 had no claims for crop loss or damages filed. Ron Hoffman, landowner, did request that a surface drain be moved to the fence line in Section 5 of Emmetsburg Township. The Board directed Hoffman to file a drainage district petition request form. Unanimous approval was given to the final pay claim to Valley Contracting, Inc. for $1,610.60 for the retainage on the Drainage District 159 contract.

The final completion hearing was held on Drainage District 160 with claims filed. The Board unanimously approved to pay Harold Christensen, landowner, $1,650.75 for crop loss and fence removal. Also unanimous approval for the final pay claim to Valley Contracting, Inc. for $1,823.02 was given.