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Family Business Communication Day

By Staff | Mar 1, 2016

Work and family are considered by some the most important parts in human life that are not easily separated. When trying to balance work and family responsibilities, many people experience conflict between these two roles. It can become especially challenging when working with family on a business level.

ISU Extension and Outreach is offering a Family Business Communication program. This is an opportunity for family member to attend together to learn how to develop good family business relationships, understand how to effectively hold business meetings, how to respond to the stress of conflict, ways to resolve family conflict and discussion on how to pass on a family business to the next generation peacefully.

The workshop will cover relevant topics specifically related to family relationships and communication. “We know that family farm relationships are different than other working relationships. Emotions tend to run higher and family communication patterns (whether good or bad) often creep into the way decisions are made,” explains Human Sciences Specialist, Mackenzie Johnson. “Our hope is that families can leave this workshop with the tools they need to have a better understanding of each other and to have healthy communication regarding the family farm. We want families to be able to go back to enjoying what can be such rewarding experience.”

The day will start out with Real Colors a temperament training presented by Angie Strohman, Program Coordinator for Palo Alto County. Family Business Challenges that you may be facing or need to deal with will be presented by Kelvin Leibold, Farm Management Program Specialist. Mackenzie Johnson, Family Life Program Specialist will present how to respond to stress, how conflict builds, four types of negative responses to conflict and finding common ground.

Family farming can be such a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor. But when farming goes from fun to feud, no one is happy. If this sounds all too familiar, come and join us for Family Farm Communication Day. We will discuss important strategies for

Understanding ourselves and others that we live and work with

Having tough conversations in a healthy way that include everyone

Developing good family business relationships

Implementing tools that encourage communication and minimize conflict

Passing your family business to the next generation peacefully

At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with an action plan to tackle some tough conversations and important decisions – together. So that you can all go back to enjoying the family business.

March 3 Program

The program will be held on Thursday, March 3 from 9 am to 4 pm at Palo Alto County Extension Office in Emmetsburg.

The cost to attend the program is $30 for the first family member and $25 for each additional family member and includes lunch.

Preregistration is required as the class size is limited.

To register call Palo Alto County Extension and Outreach at 712-852-2865 or email Angie Strohman, Program Coordinator at angies@iastate.edu.