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Education Foundation Gives Back to EHS Students

By Staff | Jan 5, 2016

The season for giving is all year long and students at Emmetsburg Community Schools reap the benefits, thanks to the Emmetsburg Education Foundation

The Emmetsburg Education Foundation was established in 1993 to provide broader educational opportunities for students of the Emmetsburg Community Schools. Over the past 20-plus years, over $300,000 in scholarships and awards have been presented.

Over 300 Emmetsburg High School graduates have received scholarships either directly or indirectly from the Emmetsburg Education Foundation.

“Funds for scholarships are going out faster than funds are coming in,” said Jim Wirtz, a member of the Foundation. “Donations toward scholarships are always appreciated.”

Funding sources have included a food stand during RAGBRAI’s visit to Emmetsburg; mail solicitations to alumni; sponsorship of a T-shirt giveaway promotion; and selling chances to “Dive for Dollars” during half-time at basketball games. The Emmetsburg Education Foundation (EEF) also sold pavers for E-Hawk Plaza around the Victory Bell.

“Our goal is for the kids to have continued opportunity for quality education,”?said Wirtz.

Donations toward scholarships can be sent to Dan Cooper, Foundation President, or John Joynt, Foundation Treasurer.

The Emmetsburg Education Foundation is directed by a group of individuals who serve as trustees for the funds collected. Trustees are nominated by the school board, but the Foundation operates totally independent of the Emmetsburg Community school system.

The mission statement of the Emmetsburg Education Foundation is quite simple:?”To enhance quality education.”?

The Foundation strives to make a good school system better by helping to provide students opportunities for quality education beyond the walls of Emmetsburg High School.

The four main objectives are:

Establishment of a scholarship fund in order to reward high achievement in education and develop criteria for such awards for yearly graduates of Emmetsburg High School.

Maintain, develop, increase and extend the facilities, services, and resources of the Emmetsburg Community School District;

Provide broader educational opportunities for students, staff, and residents of the area for which it serves;

And, probably the most important objective of the Foundation, is to solicit and raise funds for the support of the previous mentioned objectives.

“It is our goal to keep these scholarship opportunities viable for our students,” said Wirtz. “Your help toward meeting our goal will certainly be appreciated.”

Scholarships awarded through the EEF, funded from community sources, include:

Robert Gowens Memorial Scholarship

Virgil Mathis Memorial Scholarship

Michael and Aaron Louscher Scholarship

The Financial Center Scholarship

Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities Scholarship

Lakeside Lutheran Home Scholarship

Neil Gunderson Memorial Scholarship

Rowena Webb Memorial Scholarship

Pheasants Forever Scholarship

Other scholarships awarded through EEF:

– Proceeds from the EHS?Marketing Class project used to fund a scholarship;

– A scholarship honoring Dave and Kelley Fog and their contribution to the music department of EHS;

– A scholarship honoring Emmetsburg School retirees form one year.

In addition to the scholarships, the EEF has given out one-time memorial scholarships for Carol Brumm, Louise Johnson, Kate Frederick and Sharon Hoobler.

Emmetsburg Community School students can apply for scholarships by contacting the High School Guidance Counselor.