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Matching Donation Drive Begins For Feed Our Kids County Programs

By Staff | Dec 10, 2015

Palo Alto County Health System, Hughes Pharmacy and Mansmith Pharmacy are offering funds to match dollar-for-dollar public donation to support the Feed Our Kids Programs in Emmetsburg and Iowa’s Feed Our Children Program Ruthven.

Tax-deductible donations through this year will be matched dollar-to-dollar up to $50 per child enrolled in the programs: $4,500 for the Emmetsburg program, $2,000 for the Ruthven program.

Both of these programs provide supplemental nutrition for the weekend for children in the local school systems who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. Food is placed in a child’s backpack during the school day for those students who are food insecure over the weekend.

The benefit of this program is that children who are well nourished do better in school and have better health. Both programs report that these programs have made a significant difference in their communities.

Donations are tax-deductible for both programs.

Donations to Emmetsburg should be sent to Feed Our Kids, c/o West Elementary School, 602 Call Street, Emmetsburg, IA 50536.

Donations for the Ruthven Program should be sent to Iowa’s Feed Our Children, c/o Ruthven-United Methodist Church, 4102 Rolling Street, Ruthven, IA 51358

Palo Alto County Health System, Hughes Pharmacy and Mansmith Pharmacy are benefiting from a federal program to use discounts from the drug manufacturers to help fund health and wellness services and programs in Palo Alto County. These funds will be used for the matching funds.

The 340B program passed by Congress was created to help hospitals stretch their budgets so they can continue to serve uninsured, underinsured and vulnerable patients. Palo Alto County Health System (PACHS) qualifies for this program as a critical access, government owned health system.

Since the hospital does not own an in-house pharmacy, it contracts with Hughes Pharmacy and Mansmith Pharmacy to participate in the 340B program. The local program benefits from this governmental program when patients fill their outpatient prescription drugs at one of these local pharmacies.

Under the program, drug manufacturers who participate in the 340B program are required to provide hospital and clinics with discounted prices on out- patient medications. In turn, the hospitals and pharmacies use the savings to invest in programs to meet community needs, all without costing taxpayer dollars.

This program, heavily regulated by law, is funded by the drug manufacturers with the savings passed on to taxpayers, patients, hospitals and pharmacies.