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County Continues Recycling Discussion

By Staff | Dec 8, 2015

Palo Alto County Sanitarian Joe Neary met with the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors at their regular meeting on Tuesday, December 1, to continue discussions for recycling in the county for next year.

“First, Vans has declined to do recycling in the county,” Neary began. “I met with Mike Flannegan from Shamrock Recycling as per your directions and we laid out what an agreement would look like. He would like a seven year contract. If we went with a five year, he would up the per capita fee.”

“Looking at how the county would handle the rural population, we talked about putting a couple of roll offs in the center of Emmetsburg. The county already owns a roll off that is out at the transfer station.”

“What about the pop cans then?” Solberg asked.

“That is not even in the equation right now,” Neary replied.

It’s gonna (can redemption) stay right there for the time being,” Supervisor Chair Craig Merrill said. “If they can hang on until they make changes in the law, this is what they want to do.”

“Right now Mike is saying 16.5 cents per capita for a seven year contract or 18.5 cents per capita for a five year contract with a four percent annual increase, which is in most of his agreements. His hours would be Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. 4 p.m.,” Neary said.

“What is Pocahontas paying for theirs?” Supervisor Ed Noonan asked.

“They haven’t signed a contract yet,” Neary responded.

“I guess to make an informed decision on this negotiation, Pocahontas decided not to go with Shamrock, but to go with BV and I think we need to have a talk with that place,” Noonan said.

“Pocahontas has been hauling their recycling to Horizons. We would have to have a way to somehow get it to BV,” Merrill said. “I’m just making that point. I’m not saying that that should stop us from looking at them.”

“It’s hard to purchase something if you just have one offer,” Noonan said.

“We’ve been trying,” Solberg said.

“One thing is these towns, Ruthven, Ayrshire, If the people that live out in the country can bring their recycling into the towns utilizing their trailers,” Merrill said. “Obviously, we have to talk to the towns about that.”

With further discussion, it was decided that a meeting with the Supervisors, Mike Flannegan, City Mayors, and Solid Waste Commission was needed and that a sanitation meeting was also needed.

At this time, Solberg raised the question regarding beavers, with emphasis on the trapping policy in Palo Alto County.

“I talked with Peter, and he is writing up a new policy for our county,” Solberg said.

“I talked with Karen in the Auditors Office in Pocahontas County and as soon as they were done with payroll she will email me their resolution. Carmen gave me our resolution from 2010,” Palo Alto County Attorney Peter Hart said.

“All we need to do is to add to that one saying “All beavers in Palo Alto County”, “Solberg said.

“So it’s not just the river basin?” Hart asked.

“Are you going to pay for beaver trapped in the river too?” Palo Alto County Auditor Carmen Moser asked. “Cause right now your resolution exempts out the river.”

“Don’t you think we should? Cause if you just leave them go, that’s part of the problem,” Supervisor Keith Wirtz said.

After further discussion, the issue was tabled until a new resolution could be written.

With an opening left on the Freedom Township Trustees, Don Brock was appointed to fill Gene Opheim position through December 2016.

Palo Alto County Treasurer Robin Jamison was on hand informing the Supervisors on the resignation of two people in her department. Janelle Stokes and Debra Quamme both tendered their resignations effective Dec. 31.

“I have rehired Janelle Stokes for the part time position at $19.26 per hour with no benefits. To fill the full time position left by Janelle, I hired Lindsey Fromback. Her start date will be Jan. 4, 2016 at a rate of $31,000 per year with increases based on job evaluation,” Jamison said.

The decision off the Board to approve the hiring of Janelle Stokes at part time and Lindsey Fromback at full time was unanimous.

In final business, the Board approved the changing of the Life Insur-ance/Accidental Death and Dismemberment to Standard Insurance, Dental to MetLife and COBRA Administration to the Tabin Group effective Jan. 1.