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Mail Scam Targets Seniors

By Staff | Nov 3, 2015

Area residents are being alerted by the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office about a mail scam concerning Social Security and the Senior Center.
According to Sheriff’s officials, a West Bend female received a letter in the mail concerning the Palo Alto County Referendum on social Security. This letter requested a cash donation or donation by credit card in support of protecting the social Security Trust Fund. Checks were to be made payable to The Seniors Center and sent to an address in Washington, D.C.
Palo Alto County officials were contacted and are not aware of the Palo Alto County Referendum on Social Security. Contact was also made with the Multipurpose Senior Center in Emmetsburg, also known as the Senior Center, and they are not soliciting funds at this time. Phone calls were made to the numbers listed on the back of the mailing and none of the numbers were working telephone numbers.
The Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office warns residents of this request for money. Officials urge residents to discard the mailing.
Skepticism should be used in any request for donations when sought after through the mail, electronic means or by phone. If one wishes to donate, there are many worthwhile local charities that will accept donations.