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Hoffman, Schultes Crowned E-Hawk Royalty

By Staff | Oct 13, 2015

EHS?HOMECOMING COURT - Wes Schultes and Katie Hoffman were crowned Thursday evening as the Homecoming King and Queen at Emmetsburg High School during coronation activities. The Royal Court included, in front from left to right, Crown bearer Creighton Zeigler, King Wes Schultes, Queen Katie Hoffman and Flower bearer Rachel Schany. In back, from left to right are Sophomore attendants Dylan Kibbie and Emma Anderson, Candidates Clayton Freeman, Kiersten Duhn, Spencer Bird, Jenna Chapman, Dillon VanOosbree and Olivia Hampe, Junior attendants Tanner Lundgren and Darion Helle and Freshman attendants Connor Joyce and Melody Goodman. -- Dan Voigt photo

“There is a secret that Emmetsburg has that helped me and a lot of my classmates become very successful,” noted Jim Mullen, member of the Emmetsburg Class of 1950, as he spoke at Thursday’s Homecoming Coronation ceremonies. Introducing several of his classmates who were in attendance at the coronation,

Mullen also introduced the Homecoming Queen from 1965, Linda (Spies) Schilling, pointing out that back in 1965, only a Homecoming Queen was crowned in Emmetsburg, noting, “In 1965, Women ruled!”

Mullen, who retired after 41 years in higher education and is a part-time consultant for several schools in Texas, reflected on many of the differences between 2015 and 1965, such as not being allowed to pump one’s own gasoline, which cost 19 cents a gallon.

“Walking the corridors 50 years ago, I can truly say our bodies have changed, some of us more than others, our lives have changed, and its very true, a simple fact, that I?look younger than the rest of them,”?Mullen quipped as he introduced his classmates from 1950.

“There is one thing that has never really changed in Emmetsburg,”?Mullen said. “I call it the Emmetsburg experience. Let me explain it to you in a story. A number of years ago, my wife and I flew into Des Moines from Texas. We drove in, coming through Pocahontas. We’re driving and I told my wife, ‘Look out there, see that farmer? Watch this.’ I beeped my horn and he waved – he didn’t really see us, but he waved. My wife said, ‘Do you know him?’ and I said No.”

“The next day I?was driving through Emmetsburg and a lady was walking out to get her mail and she waved at us, ” Mullen continued. “My wife asked, ‘Do you know her? No. Why are these people waving?”

“I wanted to tell her it was because I was famous, I said, because they live in Iowa and more important, they live in Emmetsburg,”?Mullen explained. “If you honk your horn in a big city, they come over and beat you up.”

“That’s what I?want to talk to you about. I’m successful because of this town – this community – this school,”?Mullen said. “A lot of my classmates are the same and so are you. You see, there is something that you offer in this community and this school system that the larger cities don’t have. The instructors that you have here, the staff, not only in the high school but the grade school and junior high, not only teach you the English, the Math, the basic skills you need to learn to be somewhat successful; but more important than that, they teach you respect.”

Mullen paused for a moment. “They teach you how to respectful, how to be honest, how to have integrity. It’s been my experience that this is what made me successful and one of the most important things you can take out into the world with you, whether it be personal or business: If you can learn to respect other people and be honest with them, you will grow like you will never believe and people will follow you.”

“Please remember this, it is so very important to you guys. If you do this, you will have the powerful people who will follow you,” Mullen said. “Your candidates here look so respectful. I’m proud of you Emmetsburg Iowa, and I’m proud to be part of this.”

The EHS?Cheerleaders and members of the Dance Team performed the school song to open the ceremonies and presented a dance routine before Student Council President Laura Moser introduced the Royal Court during the processional, which was presented by the EHS?Concert Band under the direction of Mr. Aaron Phillips.

Freshmen attendants were Melody Goodman, daughter of Mike and Viva Goodman and Connor Joyce, son of Andy and Kim Joyce. Sophomore attendants were Emma Anderson, daughter of Chad and Roberta Anderson and Dylan Kibbie, son of Scott and Kim Kibbie. Junior attendants were Darion Helle, daughter of Shad and Tara Helle and Tanner Lundgren, son of Todd and Lisa Lundgren.

The Flower bearer was Rachel Schany, daughter of Jeff and Erin Schany and Crown Bearer was Creighton Zeigler, son of Jeremy and Ann Zeigler.

Queen candidates were Jenna Chapman, daughter of Dave and Lisa Chapman, Kiersten Duhn, daughter of Marsha Duhn and Brian Duhn; Olivia Hampe, daughter of Art and Kari Hampe and Katie Hoffman, daughter of Brian and Melanie Hoffman.

King candidates were Spencer Bird, son of Rick and Julie Bird; Wes Schultes, son of Lynn and Beth Schultes, Dillon VanOosbree, son of Paul and Vicky VanOosbree and Clayton Freeman, son of Kort and Sheri Freeman.

At the conclusion of Mullen’s talk, the 2014 Homecoming Queen, Katie Ruiz, placed the crown on the head of Wes Schultes and 2014 Homecoming King Zach Hutchison placed the tiara on Katie Hoffman’s head as cheers and applause filled the high school auditorium.

Following a performance of “BabaYetu” by the Emmetsburg Concert Choir, featurings solos by Austin Noll and Shinez Kendi and under the direction of Mr. Luke Miller, the event closed out with the varsity football jersey auction fundraiser for the Junior Class.