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Annie’s Project Classes Offer Education For Farm Wives

By Staff | Sep 9, 2015

GRAETTINGER – Another in a series of education opportunities for rural women in the Annie’s Project series was held Tuesday, Sept. 1 in Graettinger at the Hillcrest Golf Course. Annie’s Project, a program designed to empower women living in a rural background, addressed the topic of agronomy during Tuesday’s meeting. in Members of the surrounding communities as well as farmers’ wives, tookadvantage of the opportunity to learn more about Agronomy. The program was sponsored jointly by the Emmet and Palo Alto Counties’ ISU Extension and Outreach Programs..

Speaking on the topic of agronomy was Melissa Bockman, a farmer’s wife as well as an agronomist with her own business, Bockman Ag Inc, from Milford. She graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in agriculture business and has worked with Pioneer, Asgrow, the Iowa Pork Producers and Monsanto.

Bockman led the women through various topics of agronomy from crop planning to seed purchasing to corn and soybean characteristics to herbicides.

This is the first of four Rural Women of North Iowa meeting held this year and each meeting focuses on one topic each time allowing women time to network and learn from each other.

“Women are starting to play more of a role in farming and they need to be provided with an educational atmosphere that they can ask questions and learn in their own style and that is what ISU Extension and Outreach is trying to provide,” noted Angie Strohman, ISU Extension and Outreach Program Coordinator in Palo Alto County.

The idea for Rural Women of North Iowa developed after the success of the similar programs Managing for Today and Tomorrow and Annie’s Project, which dives into farm transition, retirement and estate planning topics.

“Annie’s Project is a program that Extension and Outreach coordinates in partnership with local resenters and is offered when there is enough interest to have a program,” said Britney Rosburg, ISU Extension and Outreach Program Educator with Emmet County.

According to the Annie’s Project website, www.anniesproject.org, the project is a program dedicated to strengthening women’s roles in the modern farm enterprise.

“Farming is becoming a second job for most people and so it takes both the husband and wife to make farming work,” said Strohman.

Annie’s Project meets for six weeks in a three-hour format and includes three topics or presentations each evening.

“After the programs were over, the women who participated told us they enjoyed the program but would like to go more in depth and spend more time on some of the topics,” said Rosburg. It is from there that the Rural Women of North Iowa meetings were created.

“The reactions that I have received are very positive,” said Strohman. “The women want these kind of programs and they attend them.”

Annie’s Project and Managing for Today and Tomorrow have had a total of 47 women participate so far.

“Rural Women of North Iowa is our way of continuing to meet the educational needs of this audience,” said Roseburg.

Women interested in participating in any of these programs can contact Britney Rosburg at:


or Angie Strohman at:


or call the Palo Alto County ISU Extension and Outreach office at 712-852-2865.