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School Board Agrees To Move Forward On Facility

By Staff | Aug 25, 2015

After a lengthy discussion, on its plans for a combined restroom/concession/ticket facility, the Emmetsburg Community School Board of Education arrived at a consensus on how to proceed with the project. The action came during the August meeting of the school board Wednesday afternoon.

The idea of constructing a facility to serve the home team fans at Duane Twait Field has been in the planning stages for several months, but the board postponed action on the project in April of this year in hopes of coming up with a more economical plan. A proposal of approximately $400,000 had been submitted by the District’s architectural firm, FEH?and Associates of Sioux City.

At that time, the board directed Superintendent Gary Richardson to seek bids on a ticket/concession/rest-room/multi-purpose building that could also be used as additional space for baseball, softball and golf teams for indoor practice and storage.

“I received a verbal quote of $300,000 for a downgraded building with restrooms, a concession stand and ticket booth from FEH,” Richardson told the board, “but it was verbal only. Matt Bayse is hesitant to commit to a new set of plans unless directed to by the board.”

The board then was presented with two options for the facility by Terry Allers, owner of Allers Associates Architects PC of Fort Dodge, the firm that had worked with the Graettinger-Terrill School District on a multi-purpose facility a few years earlier.

Allers presented an estimate of $393,100 for the ticket/restroom/concession building, and then presented an estimate for the larger structure containing the multi-purpose area with the ticket/restroom/concession areas attached at an estimated cost of $1,112,000.

“The proposal for the restroom, ticket booth and concession stand is for a structure of 1,072 square feet,”?Allers explained. “The multi-purpose building with the added ticket booth, concession stand and restroom would be 8,405 square feet.”

With numbers before them, the board began discussing their thoughts.

“This is something we want to do, but we also must get the best bang for the buck,” noted Board President BJ?Schany. “I guess I’m thinking we need to look at the smaller building, and maybe look to adding on the multi-purpose part of it sometime at a later date.”

“I’d say we need to build it on the north side of the sidewalk leading to the football field,” Board member Rick Brennan said. “I think the restroom, concession stand and ticket booth is the way to go, and then we look to expand this structure sometime in the future.”

However, concerns over the costs were raised by board members Kim Campbell and Tammy Naig.

“We’ve heard from citizens that they are concerned about the cost of this facility and taxes going up,

  • Naig noted. “We’ve agreed we want to do something, but I’m more interested in a building with more reasonable costs.”

“The thing is, if we don’t do this now, we’ll wish we had,”?Schany pointed out.

Allers recommended that when the board decided what plan they wished to pursue, that they should open bids on the project in December, when contractors were lining up work for the next construction season, and would bid more competitively.

“I’d recommend you go with a stand-alone building on the north side of the sidewalk,”?Richardson said. “Then, nail down your specifics. We’re just looking for a consensus today.”

“So we’re just approving a project, but not approving costs,”?Naig clarified.

“That’s right” Richardson said.

A suggestion of a small structure, such as a garden-type shed was made to be used for a ticket booth, which could cut the overall cost of the proposed building further. The board agreed to have the administration look into that idea and Brennan then moved to authorize the administration to develop final plans for a concession stand and restroom facility designed in a way that at some point in the future, a multi-purpose facility could be added.

The motion was approved on a 5-2 vote, with Campbell and Scott Kibbie casting the nay votes.

Richardson agreed to pursue quotes from both Allers and FEH for the concept discussed by the board and present them in September.