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City Council Supports ‘Feed Our Kids’

By Staff | Aug 20, 2015

“Feed Our Kids-Emmetsburg” is tasked with “Supplying Nutritious Meals on Weekends for Food Insecure Children in Our Community.”

Representatives from Feed Our Kids made a presentation to Emmetsburg City Council’s Finance, Ordinance and Personnel Committee last week. The committee then recommended to the full City Council that they help finance this program.

“Feed Our Kids is a program that will send food home on weekends for children from elementary school, middle and Catholic school,”?committee chairman Brian Campbell told the council. “At this time they are not looking at the high school, although they did comment there is a need within the high school for some type of program also. They will send four meals and six snacks home each Friday afternoon. Right now, they figure 115 children within those three schools that would benefit from their program.”

The Feed Our Kids group has space at Bethany Lutheran Church where they will store the food and put together the packages.

“The only people who will know who gets it (the food packages) are the service directors at each of the schools,” Campbell explained.?”They get a list and at some time during the day they put the package in the child’s backpack and it goes home. They aren’t walking out of the school with a paper sack with the lunch in it or anything like that.”

The cost is going to be $3,000 a month for this program.

“We (the committee) thought that leadership within the community is part of our responsibility. So, a motion was made to fund this (program) at $750 per month for the first six months and then revisit it after that time. We make that a recommendation to the council,” said Campbell. “They will do this for the nine months of the school year.”

Emmetsburg City Council voted unanimously to accept the finance committee’s recommendation as stated for the Feed Our Kids program in Emmetsburg.

“This would not come out of tax dollars,” Campbell noted. “It would be out of Hotel/Motel, casino or something like that.”

Feed Our Kids

Feed Our Kids – Emmetsburg is designed to meet the needs of hungry children during the weekend, when other resources are not available. Children who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program at the school will be given the opportunity to receive a bag of nutritious, kid-friendly food.

The program relies on generous support from the community.

Tax-deductible donations are accepted. As little as $7 can feed a child for the weekend. Checks made payable to Feed Our Kids-Emmetsburg can be sent to Katie Heddinger, Treasurer, at West Elementary School.

Volunteers are also needed to help sort and pack food, and to help with deliveries and organization.

“Just because you don’t see the problem doesn’t mean it’s not there,” said group co-chairs Jane Hoyman and Cindy Magee “In Emmetsburg, many teachers can share a personal experience in which they encounter students coming to school on Monday unfocused, distracted, and hungry from the weekend.”

Raising Funds

A fundraiser will be held Monday, Aug. 24, at Edgewater BBQ in Emmetsburg. Members of the Feed Our Kids committee will serve customers over the lunch hour and proceeds will go to Feed Our Kids program.

A Benefit Auction will be held Sept. 27 at the VFW.