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Fogartys Named To Iowa 4-H Hall Of Fame

By Staff | Jul 28, 2015

HALL?OF?FAME?HONOREE - Estee Fogarty of Cylinder, left, and her late husband Keyron Fogarty were named the 2015 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees from Palo Alto County Thursday night by ISU?Extension Youth Coordinator Julie Naig, right. -- Dan Voigt photo

A Cylinder woman and her late husband were honored Thursday night at the 2015 Palo Alto County Fair for their long-time support of 4-H and youth.

Each year, all 99 counties in Iowa have the opportunity to recognize volunteers who have exhibited outstanding service in their county-to-county 4-H programs and youth by nominating them for induction into the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame. This year’s Palo Alto County inductees are Estee and the late Keyron Fogarty of Cylindey

As we reflect back, the time and commitment that Keyron and Estee Fogarty of Cylinder have given to supporting and improving 4-H in Palo Alto County has been truly amazing. Keyron Joseph Fogarty was born in December of 1926 and was a member of the Fern Valley Wide Awakes as soon as he was old enough to be in 4-H. Shortly after graduation, in 1946, Keyron became a 4-H leader and served in that position for approximately 14 years. During his time as a leader, he introduced the idea of a county-wide 4-H Basketball tournament to increase club membership, a concept that worked well for a number of years. Keyron and his father started a family cattle operation dedicated tot eh promotion of quality purebred and club calf styled cattle, starting with purebred shorthorns. The cattle operation is now in its fourth generation, continuing with his three grandsons.

Keyron was also a member of the Palo Alto County Fair Board for over 30 years. While on the board, he served for a number of years on the beef committee and was instrumental in starting a partnership calf program for kids who wanted to participate in the beef project area but didn’t have a calf of their own. In 1986 Keyron was awarded a 4-H Alumni Award at the local 4-H Banquet for his years of service as a leader and fair board member.

Keyron married G. Esteleen Schuller of Mallard in May of 1948. The couple had one daughter, Aletha, who continued the 4-H family tradition. Aletha was a member of the Fern Valley Wide Awakes, a boys’ club where she showed calves every year and was also a member of the Fern Valley Starlets, a girls’ club, in which she was very active. Estee became a leader of the Fern Valley Starlets for approximately six years while her daughter Aletha was in 4-H.

Estee and Keyron were strong promoters of local cow/calf operations in Palo Alto County. In the winter of 2001, Keyron and Estee were presented the Christensen Elite Award in recognition of outstanding service and dedication to the Iowa Simmental Association. After the passing of Keyron in September, 2001, Estee has provided the funds for a special award to acknowledge the top beef animal born and raised in Palo Alto County at the Palo Alto County Fair beef show. A trophy for the “County Raised Champion” in memory of her husband is given yearly as an incentive for beef exhibitors to buy their 4-H calves from local producers or to raise their own animals. This year will mark the 14 th year Estee has provided the funds for this trophy.

Estee will join past Palo Alto County inductees: Julie Nelson, Angie Beem, Ray Brown, Merrylea Clasing, Helen Anliker, Tim Naig, Dan Voigt, Ann Stillman, Terry Rouse, Bert and Julie Naig, Devona Perkins, Karen Schwartzkopf and Roberta Hersom.

The Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies take place on the last Sunday of the Iowa State Fair at the 4-H Exhibits Building at the State Fairgrounds. The Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame is sponsored by the Iowa 4-H Youth Development Program and the Iowa 4-H Foundation and was established in 2002 to help commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of 4-H.