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County To Take Over Recycling

By Staff | Jul 7, 2015

The employment setting for individuals with disabilities is going through a transformation. Over the past several years, the federal government has issued laws, court decisions, and rules that require states to administer work and day habilitation services for individuals with disabilities in an integrated manner, i.e. in regular business environments alongside workers who do not have disabilities. In addition, the state government’s mental health redesign means that Horizons will no longer receive subsidies for employing workers with disabilities in its recycling center.

As a result, with the best interests of the organization and its members in mind, Horizons Unlimited will be closing its recycling program effective January 1, 2016. Horizons is coordinating with Palo Alto County officials to ensure that recycling in the county will continue. The Horizons can and bottle redemption center will remain open and will not be affected by the closing of the recycling program.

Horizons members who have been working in the recycling center will be assigned to other work areas in the Horizons facility. Horizons is also fulfilling its mission by finding many members jobs in the community. Members also have the option of participating in the Horizons Day Habilitation program.

Horizons staff who work with members in the recycling center will have the option of being transferred to new positions. Horizons does not expect any layoffs as a result of this transformation.

This transformation will better position Horizons Unlimited financially to continue and expand its mission of providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities in northwest Iowa.

By handing over recycling operations to the county, Horizons will be freed up to better provide services to members, and members will enjoy more integration into the community.