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Down Home Cooking Featured In Emmetsburg Retail Association Cookbook

By Staff | Jan 30, 2014

COMMUNITY COOKBOOK -- Emmetsburg Retail Association has copies of their Community Cookbook available. This colorful cookbook includes recipes from friends and neighbors. ERA members are pictured (from the left)?Laura Blanchet and Amy Martini, project co -chairs, Nancy Wentzel, Kristi Wilson, Emmetsburg cook Ardelle Connor, Diane Geerts, Lee Beem and Darrick Young and Chamber Director Deb Hite. The cook books are available at ERA member businesses and also at the Emmetsburg Chamber Office. --Jane Whitmore photo

When it gets too cold to be outdoors, why not stay indoors and cook? What to make?

A new recipe collection is available from the Emmetsburg Retail Association. This new book includes recipes from friends and neighbors living in the Emmetsburg area.

This collection of recipes includes sections on: Appetizers and Beverages, such as Hot Chicken Dip and Cappuccino Mix; Soups and Salads, including Hayden Fry Chili and Cucumber Salad; Vegetables and Side Dishes, like Rudy’s Creamed Corn and Oven Fried Potatoes; Desserts, Cakes and Pies, try the Fried Ice Cream Dessert and Sopapilla Cheesecake; Breads and Pastries, with Strawberry Bread and Apple Fritters; Bars, Candies and Cookies, with taste treats like Cream Cheese Bites, Chocolate Caramel Covered Potato Chip Brownies and Extra-Special Date Cookies; Meats/Main Dishes, including Shrimp Biscuits and Skillet Lasagna; and at the back of the book is a category called Special that features Pie Filling Rhubarb Jam and Olive Nut Sandwich Filling.

There are recipes for every pallate.

“This collection of favorite recipes came together by the Emmetsburg Retail Association,” said Laura Blanchet, one of the project co-chairs. “A lot of area cooks shared their favorite recipes for this book and we thank each of them. We know this will be a keepsake edition.”

This is a colorful cookbook, with photos and sponsors on the pages dividing the different sections. The book was produced by the ERA and printed locally.

“Proceeds from the cookbook will augment all the projects we do throughout the year,” said Blanchet. “Our membership money goes toward events and these additional funds will help us go above and beyond.”

This collection of favorite recipes is available at Emmetsburg Retail Association member businesses and also at the Emmetsburg Chamber Office.