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Youth, Leaders Honored At Annual 4-H Awards Banquet

By Staff | Nov 5, 2013

HONORARY?AWARDS - Estee Fogarty of Cylinder, left, and Deb Kibbie of Emmetsburg were presented with Honorary 4-H?Membership Awards for their support of 4-H at the Annual 4-H?Recognition Banquet Sunday. -- Dan Voigt photo

The accomplishments of Palo Alto County 4-H members in the past year, as well as recognition of their leaders and other volunteers were feted Sunday evening at the 4-H Leaders Appreciation and Awards Banquet. Several special awards, along with various project awards were presented at the annual event, held at Iowa Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg.

Palo Alto County’s 4-H program was honored with a special award of recognition from the Iowa 4-H Foundation during the event. During the last year, Palo Alto County 4-H’ers raised $2.50 per 4-H member to support the pledge campaign of the state 4-H Foundation, the 14th highest average contribution in the state. To recognize their fundraising efforts, The Fern Valley 4-H, Graettinger Pirates, Independence Boosters, Junior Clippers, 4-H Shooting Sports clubs and the County Council members were all recognized for donating $2.50 per member to the 4-H Foundation campaign in the past year. All told, Iowa 4-H members raised $24,053 for the state foundation.

In the area of Community Service recognition, the Graettinger Pirates 4-H Club received the top Community Service Award for the year, with the Fern Valley 4-H’ers receiving second place honors. Special awards were presented to the Highland Cruisers for having 100 percent record book completion by members. The Fern Valley 4-H’ers were recognized for 82 percent completion of record books and third place honors went to the Independence Boosters for having 64 percent completion of record books.

The Club Membership Growth Award was presented to the 4-H Shooting Sports Club, which saw growth of 11 more members from the previous year.

In the awards portion of the program, several special awards were presented along with various project awards. The Galen Smith Memorial Award, created last year to perpetuate the memory of the late Galen Smith of Curlew, honors a 4-H’er who has best exhibited the qualities of leadership and service in the traditions of 4-H. Named as the2013 Galen Smith Award recipient was Katie Olesen.

TOP AWARDS - Heather Brown, left, was presented with the R.W. Ashby Award, while Lydia Reding, center, was presented with the Jeanette Anthe Memorial Award and Katie Olesen, right, was honored with the Galen Smith Memorial Award u”?Awards during the Annual Palo Alto County 4-H?Recognition Banquet Sunday evening. -- Dan Voigt photo

The Ak-Sar-Ben Award was presented to Janet Kenyon, while the Danforth “I Dare You” awards were presented Joel Kibbie and Brooke Hoffman. The R.W. Ashby Award to an outstanding 4-H’er was presented to Heather Brown, with the Jeanette Anthe Award for an outstanding 4-H’er being presented to Lydia Reding.

In the continuation of an award program that was started in 2003, several scholarships were awarded to Palo Alto County 4-H’ers in memory of Margaret Pratt, a former Palo Alto County Home Economist. Following her death, the family of Margaret Pratt established a trust fund to provide scholarships for 4-H Youths to attend State Leadership events. The recipients of the Margaret Pratt Scholarships were Rachel Hoffman, Brooke Hoffman, Kyle Kassel, Ryan Kenyon, Janet Kenyon and Katie Olesen.

The Communications Award was presented to Mackenzie Berkland for her Educational Presentation.

Recipient of the Honorary Membership Awards were Estee Fogarty of Cylinder and Deb Kibbie of Emmetsburg for their many years of support to Palo Alto County 4-H and youth.

Superior Award Recognitions

DANFORTH AWARD - Brooke Hoffman and Joel Kibbie were awarded the Danforth “I Dare You”?Awards during the Annual 4-H?Recognition Banquet Sunday. -- Dan Voigt photo

Superior Project Awards were presented to 4-H’ers for their accomplishments with their projects in the past year. Alicia Mogler and Calla Knobloch were recognized for their Photography projects, while Janet Kenyon was honored for her Dairy project and Kyle Kassel was honored for his Swine project. Also being honored was Joel Kibbie for his Science, Engineering and Technology project, while Lydia Reding and Rachel Ruddy were honored for their Record keeping projects.

Special Award Recognitions

Several special recognition awards were made in the areas of merit, achievement, leadership, agriculture and citizenship. Merit Awards were presented Cassy Olesen, Kelli Klepper, Kyle Kassel, Eli Reichert, Jared Sikora, Laura Moser, Tyler Hoffman, Rachel Hoffman and Jack Banwart.

Citizenship awards were presented to Rachel Ruddy, Calla Knobloch, Emily Riesenberg, Cassy Olesen, Kelli Klepper and Eli Reichert. Achievement Awards were presented to Alicia Mogler, Emily Riesenberg, Kirk Kenyon and Rachel Hoffman, while Leadership Awards were presented to Jared Sikora, Kyle Kassel, Lydia Reding and Kendall Deitering. Agriculture awards were earned by Kirk Kenyon, Calla Knobloch, Jack Banwart, Alicia Mogler, Katie Olesen, Lydia Reding, Heather Brown, Brooke Hoffman and Rachel Ruddy.

Project Award Recognitions

Awards were presented to junior 4-H’ers for their projects during the past years. Home Improvement awards were presented to Lucas Rouse and Rebecca Licht, while Aliza Woodford received a Communications award and Donald Strohman, Julie Fehr and Thomas Woodford all received Food and Nutrition awards.

Abigail Hoffman, Kyle Licht and Lauren Kenyon all received Sewing and Needle Arts awards, while Julia Fehr, Logan Studer and Thomas Fehr received Horticulture awards. Ashton Wooten, Ian Montag and Monika Fehr were awarded Photography awards and Kelsey Moran was presented with a Citizenship award. Abigail Hoffman and Kelsey Moran both received Horse and Pony awards and Logan Studer was presented with a Breeding Beef award.

Maggie Nelson, Matt Berkland and Morgan Schmidt were all presented Market Beef awards, with Morgan Schmidt also receiving a Showmanship award.

Joe Chapman and Lauren Kenyon were both awarded Dairy Cattle awards, while Maggie Nelson and Rebecca Licht were presented Clothing Selection awards. Kyle Licht received a Science, Engineering and Technology award and Megan Hall was presented a Mechanics award.

Lex Kassel earned a Swine award while Mackenzie Berkland and Matt Berkland received Poultry awards. Grace Olesen was awarded a Bucket/Bottle Calf award and Monika Fehr received a Self Determined project award. Aliza Woodford, Betty Sue Strohman, Grace Olesen, Ian Montag, Jon Lace and Lucas Rouse all earned Woodworking awards, while Donald Strohman, Kinsey Kogel and Lex Kassel received Visual Arts awards and Mackenzie Berkland was presented with a Leadership award.

Intermediate and Senior award winners included Anna Sorenson, Jared Sikora, Joel Kibbie, Katie Olesen and Madison Norris in Home Improvement, while Emma Anderson, Joel Kibbie, Rachel Hoffman and Sarah Brown received Sewing and Needle Arts awards. Kristen Kassel received a Clothing Selection award, while Colton Wickman and Sarah Brown received Sheep awards.

Janet Kenyon, Madison Norris, Mary Nelson and Noah Flaherty received Food and Nutrition awards, with Dexter Knobloch earning a Swine Project award and Eli Reichert earning a Dog Project award. Cassy Olesen was presented with the Self Determined project award, while Anna Sorenson, Emma Anderson, Lydia Reding, Eric Sundall and Mary Nelson received Beef project awards and Corbin Studer, Dalton Bunda and Eric Sundall all received Horticulture project awards.

Corbin Studer, Mason Studer and Anna Sorenson earned Breeding Beef project awards and Emma Anderson and Kaitlyn Moran received Horse and Pony awards. Joel Kibbie was resented with a Woodworking award and Kelli Klepper received a Citizenship award. Lydia Reding was presented with the Other Ag and Natural Resources award and Dominic Allen earned a Rabbit project award.

Kristen Kassel was presented with the Science, Engineering and Technology award.

Kristen Kassel was presented with the Science, Engineering and Technology award while Austin Bergstrom and Colton Wickman earned Meat Goat project awards, while Kaitlyn Moran was presented with the Other Family and Consumer Science award. Janet Kenyon and Noah Flaherty received Visual Arts awards, while Kirsten Kassel was awarded the $15 Challenge award and Dalton Bunda and Dominic Allen earned Record Keeping awards.

To conclude the program, numerous awards for years of membership were also presented to 4-H’ers.