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Democrats Choose Candidate For Supervisor Vote

By Staff | Oct 22, 2013

It took only one vote for delegates to the re-convened Democrat County Convention to select Dave Nixon to represent the party on the ballot for District 2 County Supervisor.

Three candidates presented their credentials to convention delegates last Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the Palo Alto County Courthouse. In addition to Nixon, Roger Hanish and Steve Farnsworth announced their candidacy.

Each candidate stated his qualifications to represent Emmetsburg Ward 1 and Ward 2, which make up County Supervisor District 2.

Dave Nixon said, “Running for office was something I had my eye on when retiring. Now, it’s with mixed feelings because of Jerry’s (Hofstad) passing.”

Nixon first came to Emmetsburg over 30 years ago. He left broadcasting in 1991 to teach radio/television broadcasting at Iowa Lakes Community College. He served as Executive Dean of the Emmetsburg Campus from 1997 to 2003, where he led the college’s fund raising campaign for the wellness center. He then served as President of a Michigan community college for ten years.

“Part of my campaign is about enriching lives and developing the human services that we have here in this county,” he said. “The essence of running for office is developing relationships, whether it’s with the voters, your taxpayers or your fellow supervisors, because the supervisors are your policymakers in the county. They’re the ones that we have to collaborate with and try to work through all of these challenges and there certainly are several of them.”

Roger Hanish gave his background, noting he was raised on a farm Northeast of Laurens in Booth Township, Palo Alto County. He graduated from Laurens High School and Emmetsburg Junior College.

“My work experience, I worked in management at Iowa Industrial Hydraulics, Pocahontas, for 11 years. In 1977 I opened a Casey’s store in Laurens. I owned that for 31 and a half years. Also, I have been farming for over 35 years in this county and still have a few acres south of Ayrshire,” he said.

While living in Laurens, Hanish served on the City Council and the fire department. He also served on the City Council and fire department in Mallard, while living in that Palo Alto community.

“I like the town and feel I can offer something to the town,” said Hanish. “As supervisor, I feel I can offer the same as I have with being on some city councils and a golf course board.”

Steve Farnsworth made his bid for the candidacy.

“I think most of you know me because I deliver a lot of fish on Friday nights at the VFW,” he said. “This is my second rodeo. I ran for supervisor about eight years ago. I’ve been here in Emmetsburg since 1979.”

Farnsworth said he worked construction for two years; served eight years in the Navy, then went back in the Navy in 1984. In 1988 he came back to Emmetsburg.

“I retired from Iowa Lakes Community College in May after 33 years. I’ve been the welding teacher there forever. I really like taking and making something out of nothing. You get kids in and they don’t know anything and you get them out and they earn an income and become taxpayers. That’s what I like,” said Farnsworth.

He continued, “I think this would be a good challenge for me because now I have nothing to do and I can’t stand to have nothing to do. I was lucky enough to write a book, Welding For Dummies. “I would appreciate your vote. I hope I can serve the county as good as the last guy did.”

Ward 1 and Ward 2 delegates voting to select the candidate were: Jack Kibbie, Kay Kibbie, Joe Neary, Ned Munn, Nancy Hamilton, Lawrence Drew and alternates Marge Schmidt, Marcie Frevert, Renee Jedlicka and Steve Sick.