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Changes Coming for High School Equivalency Completion

By Staff | Sep 12, 2013

Starting January 1, GED testing services will no longer be used across the state. Iowa Lakes Community College and the rest of Iowa will now be using ETS (Educational Testing Service) to obtain high school equivalency completion. This will be computer based testing only.

ABE/GED Programmer at ILCC, Lisa Washington, commented on the new changes to the education and literacy program.

“We have a bunch of things that are changing this year. A big part of what we do is allow people to prepare for and test for their high school equivalency,” said Washington. “Our focus in the past has just been getting people their diploma. Now it is a catalyst to get them to the next level which is either getting a job or better paying job or coming to a post secondary institution.”

Those who are currently in the process of GED testing are encouraged to complete their efforts by the end of the year in order to eliminate retaking parts of the exam under the new system.

“Iowa Lakes had about 100 students this year working toward their high school equivalency and out of those, about 58% received their diplomas,” said Washington. “Of the students who have graduated, over 30% of those have come to Iowa Lakes as full or part-time students. We’ve had a lot of great success. By making some of the changes we’re making, we want to increase those numbers.”