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2013 Pringle Pow Wow

By Staff | Sep 10, 2013

1st Pow Wow

Two Harbors, Minnesota, several miles north of Duluth on a beautiful North Shore Drive with the breath-taking Lake Superior on the opposite was the destination for Pringle Pow Wow 2013, Saturday July 27 through Saturday August 3.

The arrival of tall ships to Duluth Harbor July 24 through July 30 was an impressive scene for those of our group who were in camp at that time. The ships are replicas of the old schooners of the 1800s and other sailing vessels from that era. They docked along the waterfront and offered onboard tours as well as day sails.

Island View Resort lived up to its name. Cozy cabins overlook Lake Superior and are nestled in a beautiful grove of white pine. When we sat beneath those tall trees to eat, drink and be merry, drops of something fell down upon us. We thought birds but no, on second thought, it was just white pine sap.

A small island in view was home to thousands of gulls. They constantly circled the island in very large groups and they were so noisy. During late afternoons the gulls looked brilliant in the setting sun.

2nd Pow Wow

Cabins were within walking distance to a beach, shops and a favorite homemade candy store. Cabins and campgrounds were not far apart so we easily mingled.

Day drives to places of interest included Spirit Mountain Adventure Park, Gooseberry Falls State Park and Split Rock Lighthouse, a 1910 landmark that sits high on a rocky cliff overlooking Lake Superior. Many more lighthouses were visited including Glensheen Mansion, the historic Congdon Estate, built at the turn of the century on the shores of Lake Superior.

Shopping was always a good “fill in.”

Evenings were spent around a warm log fire in a fire ring set in the middle of a large grassy lawn.

The dark sky overhead was crowded with millions of bright stars. Some of them became falling stars much to the delight of the kids. Counting the falling stars, finding the big dipper, and tracking a tiny bright star clearly moving across the black sky drew everyone’s attention, whether it was a space station or satellite or neither.

3rd Pow Wow

A narrated tour of the coastline of Two Harbors aboard the Vista Fleet was enjoyed by a group of us. The weather was perfect.

As the ship was leaving the harbor the narrator asked everyone to listen for the “long-short-short” friendly horn salute to all ships as they pass beneath the aerial lift bridge. Watching the bridge rise to let Vista Fleet leave the harbor was awesome.

We saw lighthouses, ships and 1,000-foot lake freighters, along with oceaning-going vessels and many more. The bridge was built in 1905 and is the entry point for ships from around the world.

Friday, August 2: Today is dedicated to the entire Pringle group. We congregated together at the Community Center in the afternoon to spend a few more hours with those we may not see for a couple more years.

The kids had a blast playing board games. A catered meal was scrumptious, after which we waited a short time before taking family pictures.

Two sisters from the original Pow Wow were present. They are Eunice Nelson of Eagle Grove, Iowa and Jean Hartsock of Mallard, Iowa.

4th Pow Wow

The oldest present was Jean Hartsock, 84, and the youngest was Ava Pringle, 6, from St. Cloud, Minnesota. There were 36 present from eight states: Missouri, Colorado, California, Washington, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

We had music. Brothers Richard Pringle of Montrose, Colorado and Bob Pringle of Princeton, Minnesota did karaoke to a good old rock and roll tune. They “did it their way.” If there had been aisles in the building we would have rolled in them. The dance floor then opened up to everyone who wished to “boogie” or something. Kids and adults took over and had lots of fun.

Bob Pringle closed the evening with some announcements. He recognized Kenny and Jean Hartsock’s 65th wedding anniversary yesterday. He told everyone the next Pringle Pow Wow would be in two years in Colorado.