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By Staff | Aug 27, 2013


In 1878, the Milwaukee railroad came into this area and introduced many new settlers to the region. Prominent medical men from the east, and even from Europe, came here to fish and hunt game. Some of these men stayed to invest in land, and some moved on.

Besides practicing medicine, many of these men followed other vocations, such as the ministry, the legal profession, farming, and political and other civic enterprises.


Business Health can help you keep your employees safe and healthy through screening and wellness programs. These programs include post-offer screenings for employment, wellness screenings and education, and injury management for worker’s compensation. Our program provides companies from two employees to large corporations with services tailored to fit their needs. Below is a brief outline of the services that are available to your business.


– Physical capacity profile testing to ensure your employee’s physical strength matches the job description. This includes maximum isometric testing of the upper and lower extremities and additional activities include squats, abdominal strength and maximum lifting ability.

– Drug Testing for 12 Substances

– Hearing Test

– Pulmonary Function Testing

– Fit Testing for Respiratory Masks

– Vision Screening

– Back Screen

– Vaccinations (flu, Tdap, Hepatitis B and TB skin tests)


Services provided include:

– Fasting Blood Panel (26 tests)

– Bone Density Tests for Osteoporosis

– Vision Testing

– EKG Testing for Electrical Activity of the Heart

– Sleep Apnea Screening (at home testing)

– Immunizations

– Wellness Program results delivered to the company and reviewed individually with the participants.

If you would like more information on how we can help your business, call the Business Health Department at 852-5469.


The hospital receives approximately 5% of the total property tax asking in Palo Alto County. This is only 36% of the maximum amount the hospital could actually request. However, due to excellent operating practices they have not had to ask for the entire amount. A portion of these tax funds are used to support the county wide ambulance service.

For questions or comments, contact John at:

(712) 852-5418 or handj@mercyhealth.com