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City Council Assists With Business Park Improvements

By Staff | Nov 1, 2012

Emmetsburg City Council voted to make a partial loan payment for the Emmetsburg Business Park. Action was taken at the council’s Oct. 22 meeting.

A letter from Kris Ausborn, Emmetsburg Community Development Co. President, explained “The national economic recession that began in 2008 continues to limit business expansion and relocation. This has affected ECDC’s ability to market lots located in the Emmetsburg Business Park.”

He noted that Ag Partners purchased three lots in August, 2012, to expand their fertilizer business. Ag Partners is an agri-business with a local grain facility.

The partial loan payment due is $2,498.68. As per previous agreement, that amount will be divided between the City of Emmetsburg and Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities, with each paying $1,249.34.

The payment was approved by unanimous vote of the council.

In related business, the council approved assistance for ECDC to purchase gravel which will be put on a section of road at the Business Park.

“When Ag Partners was looking to come to Emmetsburg they asked what kind of assistance we could offer them,” said Steve Heldt, Community Development Director. “We gave them a pretty good price for the ground. We were pretty happy that they chose the back three lots up against the drainage district. Because of that, there is about 165 feet of shortage where the road is.”

Heldt said the designated street to those lots is not improved, so gravel will be put down to provide a lane.

Two bids were submitted, with the low bid of $4,675 coming from Lundell Construction, Storm Lake.

The bid included an option for engineering fabric, if required.

“The water table is kind of close and there’s a little spot where there is a runoff,” Heldt explained. “When they get the drainage to the business park, about 75-percent of the water goes to the northeast corner and that’s where our drainage pond is located, so there will be some water running across that. The fabric helps stabilize the rock so it doesn’t sink into the ground as far and kind of helps stabilize the road. The recommendation for that is to use the fabric for that particular drainage area going across there.”

Councilman Brian Campbell asked if the gravel would have to be removed when the road is eventually paved.

“All the gravel that’s used could probably be saved and used over again,” said Heldt. “This won’t be as wide as a normal road.”

Bird pointed out, “Again, ECDC has the cash to do it, but if they do that they may have to come back for other assistance.”

Councilman Bill Burdick questioned, “ECDC should be making the payment to start with. Is that correct?”

“ECDC was never intended to make the payments until the lots are sold,” answered Councilman Steve Finer. “When we made that agreement, it was always the intention that the city would pay that.”

Emmetsburg City Council approved the golf board’s recommendation to hire Matt Pugh as full time golf course superintendent.