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Cylinder Fire Department Explores Construction Of New Fire Station

By Staff | Oct 30, 2012

Cylinder fire fighters are kicking off fund raising for a new fire station with a breakfast this Sunday, Nov. 4.

“As we explore constructing a new fire station, we will be in need of matching funds so that we can apply for state and local grants,” said Harry Bormann of Cylinder. “This fundraiser will be the start of our building fund for a much needed, new fire station.”

Cylinder Fire Department Omelet Breakfast is Sunday, Nov. 4, at the Cylinder Fire Station. “Made for you” omelets, pancakes and sausage will be served from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Proposed location of the new fire station is on the former school property.

“The City of Cylinder has agreed to give the Cylinder Fire Department the old Cylinder School property for the new station,” said Bormann. Fire equipment would enter/exit the proposed new station on 2nd Street, then safely turn north or south onto Highway 18. The new station would have four truck bays in a building 48-by-80 EPS-type structure.”

Fire fighters have expressed concern about the limitations of the current 34-year-old station building. Safety and equipment limitations include:

Low 10-foot ceilings limit the type of fire equipment that can be housed.

Station is less than 25 feet from Highway 18 and increased highway traffic is a safety issue when exiting and/or entering the station.

8-foot narrow doors make it extremely difficult to enter/exit large fire trucks into current station from Highway 18.

Estimated cost is between $95,000 to $110,000 for the basic structure. Plans are to buy the building locally and use local contractors.

Fire fighters stress that no tax dollars will be used. Cylinder Fire Department members met with trustees from the townships they serve and received support to promote the project within the community, however no tax funding would be available for the new fire station.

“The City of Cylinder has expressed an interest in purchasing the old fire station at an appraised fair market value,” said Bormann. “If the old station is sold, Township Trustees have agreed that the revenue from the sale could be used for the new station.”

A “Cylinder Fire Dept. Building Fund” account has been set up at Iowa Trust & Savings Bank. A letter was sent out in September to all patrons of the Cylinder Fire Department and substantial donations have been made into the building account.

Donations of grain can be also be given. Grain accounts have been set up for the building fund at Stateline Coop, MaxYield Coop, Ag Partners, and POET. All donations will be noted with donor name and dollar amount. There will be an “honor wall” in the new station listing all donors.

“We will use these local donations for the matching funds percentage as we apply for local and state grants,” said Bormann. “We will have a series of fund raisers, this winter and spring, starting with the omelet breakfast on Sunday, Nov 4, at the current Cylinder Fire Station. “

The public is encouraged to attend.