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Emmetsburg Celebrates Homecoming 2012

By Staff | Oct 2, 2012

“Our school is at the heart of our community.”

Guest speaker Lori Riley’s statement during the 2012 Homecoming coronation ceremonies at Emmetsburg High School was a glowing endorsement of the close relationship enjoyed by the school and community.

Riley, a para-educator in the Emmetsburg schools, listed numerous activities in which students from EHS took an active part in to help their community.

“Each year, our students participate in many hours of community service,” Riley said. “This past weekend, 75 students and staff participated in the Feed Just One event at the fairgrounds. They packaged over 119,000 meals to help fight world hunger.”

Riley went on to note that students also conduct food drives for Upper Des Moines Opportunity each year, as well as participate in community clean up days each Spring.

“By doing these projects, we help students develop strength and confidence to make a difference in their world,’ Riley said.

Citing the close relationship of the community and the school, Riley pointed out that Homecoming only highlights a few of the many activities that take place in the school district.

“At this Homecoming, we celebrate E-Hawk traditions and years of excellence at EHS,”?Riley said. “Our school has demonstrated a remarkable ability to re-invent itself to meet the changing needs of the times, and these efforts continue today as we face society’s challenges. We work to teach our students how to engage with others that have different life experiences, religious beliefs and political opinions because our students need to learn how to respect these issues with those who disagree with them.”

  • Riley concluded, “as society changes, so will EHS. But some things will never change. We will be a place where students, faculty and staff will work together to ensure the success of our graduates.”

A performance by the High School cheerleaders opened the coronation ceremonies and included a special routine performed in a blackout with fluorescent highlighting.

The royal court was then introduced by mistress of ceremonies Madison Reimer, with the processional provided by the EHS?band, under the direction of Aaron Phillips.

Flower bearer was Megan Dunlap, the daughter of Jule and Mike Dunlap and crownbearer was Ben Merwald, the son of Vickie and Steve Merwald.

Freshmen attendants were Kiersten Duhn, daughter of Marsha Duhn and Brian Duhn and Wes Schultes, son of Lynn and Beth Schultes. Sophomore attendants were Michaela Rehm, daughter of Beth Carrigan and Mike Rehm and Jacob Kibbie, son of Kim and Scott Kibbie, Junior attendants were Kendall Deitering, daughter of SueAnn and Brian Deitering and Erik Drost, son of Margaret and Doug Drost.

Candidates were Jacque Carlson, the daughter of Mike and Tracey Carlson and Jake Jackson, the son of Brian and Mary Ellen Jackson; Whitney Kibbie, the daughter of Jim and Kay Kibbie, and Andrew Wellik, the son of Jane and Brian Palmer and the late Phil Wellik; Rachel Schroeder, the daughter of Mark and Connie Schroeder and Austin McCartan, the son of Rhonda McCartan and the late Bob McCartan; and Mirada Vlasman, the daughter of Doug and Amy Vlasman and Nick Schany, the son of Shawn and Liz Schany,

Following Riley’s address, Madison Reimer introduced the 2011 Homecoming Queen, Katie Kassel, who crowned Andrew Wellik after a few moments of indecision. The 2011 King, Arik Kerr, overcame a momentary crown malfunction before placing the crown on Whitney Kibbie’s head as the auditorium erupted in cheers and applause. Kibbie was greeted at the thrones by Wellik, who placed the queen’s royal cloak over her shoulders.

A musical selection by the Emmetsburg High School choir, directed by Dave Fog, would bring the ceremonies to a close.